RAS/RTS Pre Examination 1996 Solved Question Paper

RAS/RTS Pre Examination 1996 Solved Question Paper for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science(GS) conducted  by Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC), Ajmer. Here is RAS Pre 1996 GK, GS Paper 1 Solutions, Full Question Paper, Answer Key of RAS Pre Examination 1996. For Results, Cut-Off Marks, Subject Papers.Detailed solutions are provided by Rasfreenotes.in Team for complete program click here

1. British were able to supress the uprising of 1875 in rajaput state because:
A. The local Rajput rulars did not support revolutionary.
B. The educated middle class support the british C. The soldiers in contonments were not prepared to accept leadership of revolutionary from outside rajasthan
D. News papers coul not project the true aim of revolutionary.
Ans: A
2. The origin of Rajasthan Language can be traced to:
A. 11th century
B. Late 12th Century C. Early 13th Century D. 14th Century
3. Special Component plan is concerned with the development of:
C. Urban Community D. Rural Community Ans: A
4. “Development of Dang area” is related to: A. Kota, bundi, sawaimadhopur, Dholpur
B. Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer
C. Udaipur, Banswara, Dungarpur D. Nagour, Churu, Hanumangarh Ans: A
5. District of the adjoining states which doesn’t directly touch the Rajasthan is:
A. Bhatinda B. Bhiwani C. Jhabua D. Bhuj Ans: A
6. Solar energy Enterprise zone is related to district of:
A. Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer B. Jaisalmer, Jalore, Barmer C. Nagour, Jodhpur, Pali
D. Jodhpur, Jalore, Barmer Ans: A

7. India is divided into following no. of postal region:
A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8
Ans: D
8. The crop which will be sown in arid region of rajasthan under Israeli assistance programme is:
A. Sun-flower B. Soyabean C. Bajra
D. Hohoba Ans 😀
9. Which one of following pair is not correct: A. Sirohi-952
B. Alwar-889
C. Jaisalmer-910 D. Banswara-969 Ans: C
10. Which one of the following defines poverty best:
A. Productivity of agriculture B. Unemployment
C. Nutritional requirement D. Inequalities in income Ans: C
11.Which one amongs the following pair is correct:
B. 50 50 C. 55 45 D. 40 60 Ans: A
12. The district which most suited for Teak wood plantation:
A. Bharatpur-Alwar
B. Sriganganagar-Bikaner C. Jalore-Sirohi
D. Banswara-Udaipur Ans: D
13.Central camel breeding center is situated at: A. Kolayat
B. Jorbir
C. Suratgarh D. Ramgarh Ans: B
14. “Brown revolution” in rajasthan is concerned with:
A. Food processing
B. Buffalo milk production C. Wool processing
D. Goat hair produciton Ans: A
15. Which among the following is an “Earthen” (MITTI) dam:
A. Meja
B. Pachana C. Jakham D. Jawai

Ans: B
16. Sewan Grass widely grow in: A. Barmer
B. Jodhpur C. Jaisalmer D.Sikar Ans: C
17. Relatively speaking which one of the following physiographic part of rajasthan is an area of Ill-drained inferior drainage:
A. South-Eastern
B. North-northwestern C. South-Southwestern D. North-Eastern
Ans: A
18. Indira gandhi canal project includes LIFT CANEL schemes numbering:
A. 8 B. 7 C. 6 D. 5 Ans: C
19. The proposed “Export promotion industrial park” in rajasthan will be established with the assistance of:
A. Japan
B. World Bank C. Govt. of India
D. International Development Agency Ans: A
20. In 1889, a comittee was setup in britain to gain support from the congress, who amongst the following was its president:
A. Sir W Waderburn B. Mr. Digby
C. Dadabhai Nauroji D. WC Banerjee Ans: B
21. In 1937 elections, congress secured clear majority in the state numbering:
A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6 Ans: C
22. Who first used the term “PAKISTAN” as a separate state for Indian muslims:
A. Mohmmad Iqbal B. Agha khan
C. MA Jinah
D. Choudhary rehmat ali and friends Ans: D
23. Which rular of medieval rajasthan was also called ABHINAV BHARATACHARYA
A. Prithviraj chouhan

B. Maharan kumbha C. Sawai jaisingh
D. Maharaja Mansingh Ans: B
24. The institution of saghdi refer to: A. Mounted horsemen
B. Patwari C. Peasants
D. Bonded Labour Ans: D
25. The dance drama Surdas and shankarya are associated with which professional caste:
A. Paatar B. Nat
C. Bhand D. Bhawai Ans: D
26. According to inscriptions who was worshiped as the premier god between 8-12th century in rajasthan:
A. Shiv B. Vishnu
C. Brahma D. Sun Ans: A
27. Which deity is worshiped when a camel falls sick in rajasthan:
A. Gogaji B. Tejaji C. Pabuji
D. Kesaria kunwar Ans: C
28. Which one of the following has the natural gas based power project:
A. Dholpur B. Jalipa C. Bhiwani
D. Ramgarh Ans: D
29. Non-fuel mineral extensively found in rajasthan is:
A. Manganese B. Chromite C. Mica
D. Bauxite Ans: C
30. The center nt related with generation of nuclear power is:
A. Kalpakkam B. Kota
C. Kakrapur D. Kakinada Ans: D
31. The new Inland container Depot will be established in raasthan in near future at:
A. Jaipur B. Kota
C. Jodhpur D. Udaipur Ans: C
32. White cement in rajasthan is produced at: A. Beawar
B. Gotan
C. Nimbahera D. Chittorgarh Ans: B
33. Kandla port is located on: A Gulf of Khambhat
B. Tropic of cancer C. Rann of Kachchh D. Gulf of Kachha Ans: D
34. The famous THEVA art of rngraving is associated with
A. Bikaner B. Jaipur
C. Banswara D. Pratapgarh Ans: D
35. Which tribal god is worshipped because he laid down his life for liberating cow of the gujars:
A. Gogaji B. Tejaji C. Pabuji
D. Mallinath Ans: B
36. The feast BADHAR is held on the occasion of:
A. Marriage B. Child Birth C. Death
D. Holy pilgramme Ans: A
37. In which state of india Rubber, Coffee and tobacco are all cultivated:
A. Karnataka
B. GoaC. Meghalaya D. Maharashtra
Ans: A
38. The main source of Knowledge about the in habitants of indus Valley Civilization is the discovery there of:
A. Seals
B. Utensils, Jewellary, Weapons, tools C. Remains of towns
D. Scripts Ans: B
39. Which king defeated the gurjars A. Prabhakarvardhan
B. Rajyavardhan C. Harshavardhan D. Shashank
Ans: C
40. Which of the following groups was first Influenced by Western civilization:
A. Feudal Zamindards B. Newly rich traders
C. Educated Hindu Middle class D. Educated Muslim
Ans: C
41. Who is known as Tagore of Punjabi Language:
A. Puran singh B. Mohan singh C. Amrita Pritam
D. Karatar singh duggal Ans: A
42. Which of the following deity was worshpped by Jaisalmer Kings as their Kuldevi:
A. Karnimata B. Nagnechi
C. Swargiya Devi D. Annapurna Ans: C
43. Which newspaper of kanpur was used by Vijay singh Pathik to popularize BIJOLIYA MOVEMENT throughout India:
A. Kesri B. Pratap C. Maratha
D. Manjusha Ans: B
44. The author of revolutionary work CHETAVANI KA CHUGTYA was: A. Shyamji krishna verma
B. Damodar das rathi C. Barhath kesri singh D. Rao gopal singh Ans: C
45. The objective of Minimum Need Programme is to provide the infrastructure to: A.Urban Population
B. Rural Population
C. Rural, Urban Population D. Tribal population
Ans: C
46. Two district having Co-operative cold storage are:
A. Ajmer-jodhpur B. Alwar-Jaipur C. Kota-Bharatpur
D. Beawar-Bhilwara Ans:B
47. First Computer added design set for powerloom industries is established at: A. Pali
B. Bhilwara C. Jodhpur D. Balotara Ans: A
48. Which pair about animal fair is correct: A. Malinath-Tilwara
B. Ramdeo-ramdeora C. Baldev-Nagour
D. Teja-Pushkar Ans: A
49. The second highest peak of aravali range is: A. Jarga
B. Ser
C. Taragarh D. Achalgarh Ans: B
50. Which one of the following pairs is correct: A. Kothari-June
B.Sukdi-BanasC.Jakham-mahi D. Banganga- Chambal
Ans: B
51. Warm blooded animals are those which are able to keep their body temperature:
A. Lower than environment B. Higher than environmet C. Constant temp. all time
D. Equal to the atmosphere temp. Ans: C
52. Which mountain range amongst the following is Latest in origin:
A. Ajanta range B. Palkonda range C. Kaimur Hills D. Patkoiranges Ans: D
53. Of the following which one doesnot relate to asia:
A. Lop nor B. Amur C. Niger D. Tigris Ans: D
54. In which state was panchayat raja first introduced:
A. Gujarat B. Rajasthan C. Bihar
D. Andhra Pradesh Ans: B
55. Name the school of painting stressing Birds and Animals:
A. Bundi
B. Kishangarh C. Nathdwara D. Alwar Ans: A
56. Whom among the following muslim scholar contributed most significant to Hindi Literature:
A. Abul fazal B. Faizi
C. Abdur rahim khankhana D. Abdul qadir bandaoni Ans: C
57. Sulpha drugs are effective against diseases caused by:
A. Bacteria B. Worms
C. Vitamin Deficiency D. Glandular upsets Ans: A
58 Quanine, an important drug for maleria is obtained from:
A. Angiospermic Plant B. Bacteria
C. Yeast D. Algae Ans: A
59. Corporation Tax is on: A. Production of a company B. Sales of goods
C. Income of a company D. Stock of goods
Ans: C
60. Who established VEER BHARAT SAMAJ: A. Zorawar singh barhat
B. Gokul das asawa C. Master Aditendra D. Vijay singh pathik Ans: D
61. Stainless steel is an alloy of: A. Iron and Nickel
B. Iron, Chromium, Zinc C. Iron, Manganese
D. Iron,Chromium, Nickel Ans:: D
62. Nucleus of helium contains: A. Only one proton
B. Two protons and two neutrons C. Two Protons
D. One proton and two neutrons Ans: D
63. Sulabh Internation “Honest man of the year 1996″ award was given to:
A. AB Vajpai
B. Manmohan singh C. TN Sheshan
D. Bindeshwari Pathak Ans: C
64. Inflation is best described as” A. High price
B. Increase in price index
C. Increase in purchasing power
D. Increase in the price of particular goods Ans: C
65. Who is election president of BCCI: A.. Rajsingh dungarpur
B. LS Bindra
C. Kishore runta
D. Jagmohan Dalmia Ans: A
66. Airlines gold cup is associated with: A. Hockey
C. Football D. Cricket Ans: C
67. Which one of the following countries is land-locked:
A. Vietnam B. Loas
C. Colambia D. Thailand Ans: B
68. Of the following diseases which one is caused by insect bite:
A. Scrurvy B. Dengu
C. Pneumonia D. Asthma Ans: B
69. Match the following: ANS:
Wildlife games sanctuary – Jaisamand Keoladev park – Bharatpur
Desert National Park – Jaisalmer Tiger reserve – Sariska
70. India has been unwilling to join CTBT Because:
A. It would jeopardise here nuclear options B. It is not comprehensive
C. Pakistan has not signed it D. It is discriminatory
Ans: D
71. UNESCO declared 1995 as International year of:
A. Human rights B. Literacy drive
C. Terrorist eradication D. Tolerance
Ans: D
72. Which one of the following vegetation type is not found in rajasthan:
A. Tropical dry B. Tropical thorn C. Tropical desert
D. Tropical Moist deciduous Ans: D
73. MAWAT in rajasthan is associated with: A. Western depression
B. South-west mansoon
C. Cyclone of the bay of bengal D. North east mansoon
Ans: A
74. Which one of the following is non-economic factor in the growth of country:
A. Social Behavior B. Natural Resources C. Power Resources D. Capital resources Ans: A
75. Core sector in the planning mean: A. Agriculture
B. Defence
C. Iron and steel Industry D.Selected basic Industry Ans: D
76. Which one of the following crops is grown for improving the soil fertility:
A. Wheat B. Rice C. Urd
D. Sugarcane Ans: C
77. Method for recording three dimension photograph using laser beam is:
A. Halography B. Xerography C. Videography D Audiography Ans: A
78.Which of the following instrument is used to calibrate thermometers at steam temp.
A. Thermostate B. Pyrometer C. Hypsometer D. Hygrometer Ans: D
79. ASEAN is the regional organization covering:
A. East area B. Australia
C. South East asia D. South asia Ans: C
80. In case of dispute in presidential election, the matter is referred to:
A. Supreme court B. Electoral college
C. Election commission D. Parliament
Ans: A
81. Pratinidhi Sabha is the name of the parliament of”
A. Bangladesh B. Nepal
C. Sriland D. Maldiv Ans: B
82. Before RS Pathak, two indian judges appointed in the international court were: A. HJ Kania, BN Rao
B. JC Shah, AN Roy
C. BN Rao, Nagendra singh D. Nagendra singh, AN Roy Ans: C
83. Zimbabwe is the new name of: A. Rhodesia
B. South west africa C. Angola
D. Central africa Ans: A
84. Akal wood fossil Park is part of: A. Desert National Park
B. Machia Safari Park C. Vanvihar Sanctury D. Gajner Sanctuary Ans: A
85. The solution of the problem of soil sanity and alkalinity is:
A. Dry farming method
B. Use of gypsum in the fields C. Afforestation
D. Contour caltivation Ans: B
86. Stem of ginger which grow in to soil and stores the food is known as:
A. Tuber B. Rhizome
C. Rhizophore D. Corm
Ans: B
87. Two common gungal diseases of wheat are: A. Black rust and smut
B. White rust and smut C. Smut and leaf curl
D. Black rust and white rust Ans: A
88.The spider differs from an insect in that the spider has:
A. 6 LEGS B. 8 LEGS C. 10 LEGS D. 12 LEGS Ans: B
89. Who is the chairman 1995-96 of the Non-aligned Movement:
A. General Subhrto B. Ernesto Sanper C. MA Gayoom
D. PV Narsimha rao Ans: B
90. The head of SAARC is located at: A. Kathmandu
B. New Delhi C. Islamabad D. Dhaka Ans: A
91. How runeja fair of rajasthan contribute towards contented society:
A. Reminds god continuously
B. Promotes communal harmony C. Teaches to speak the truth
D. Encourage Pious Living Ans: B
92. Who dominated the weightlifting event at atlanta Olympics:
A. Valerious Leonides B. Naim Sulemanoghu C. Alexander Popov D. Tom Dolan
Ans: B
93. Slogan of 1994 asian games was: A. Asian harmony
B. Asian brotherhood C. Asian peace
D. Asian supermacy Ans: B
94. Which one of the following conditions existing in India, Prevails most in rajasthan: A. Extremes in Air Temp.
B. Low relative humidity
C. Very High variability in rainfall D. Long duration of sun-Shine Ans: D
95. The district of rajasthan having the lowest female literacy rate as per census 1991 is:
A. Jalore B. Barmer
C. Jaisalmer D. Banswara Ans: B
96. The class of food having highest caloric value per unit weight is:
A. Vitamin
B. Fat
C. Carbohydrates D. Proteins
Ans: B
97. Which of the following has longest wave-length:
A.Infra-red B. X rays
C. Visible light D. Radio waves Ans: B
98. To keep drings at same temperature for quite some time, the walls of thermos bottle are coated with:
A. Aluminium Paint B. Lead powder
C. Silver Layer D. Mercury Layer Ans: C
99. Establishement of lok pal and Lokayukta was recommended by:
A. Sarkaria commission
B. Administrative Reform commission C. Law commission
D. Thakker Commission Ans: B
100. The president holds offfice for a term of five years from the date:
A. On which he is elected
B. Determined by the parliament C. On which he enters his office
D. Notified by Election commission Ans: C

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