26-07-2017 Paper IV- DMPQ

Daily RAS/RTS Mains Practice Questions- DMPQ is a free for all initiative by RAS Free Notes Team just like daily current affairs program to provide 2 questions from each paper daily to cover the entire syllabus of RAS/RTS Mains for the aspirants. Decide whether you have to use much or many: We saw _____ animals at … Read more 26-07-2017 Paper IV- DMPQ

24-07-2017 Paper IV- DMPQ

Write a letter to the municipal authorities, stating the unhygienic conditions in the neighbourhood. Complete the exercise.  __the picture, there are four people. A couple is sitting__  the table. They are sitting  The drinks are   ___the table. One woman is standing  ___  the table.  ____her is a man who is barbecuing.