RAS/RTS Pre Examination 1998 Solved Question Paper

RAS/RTS Pre Examination 1998 Solved Question Paper for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science(GS) conducted  by Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC), Ajmer. Here is RAS Pre 1998 GK, GS Paper 1 Solutions, Full Question Paper, Answer Key of RAS Pre Examination 1998. For Results, Cut-Off Marks, Subject Papers.Detailed solutions are provided by Rasfreenotes.in Team for complete program click here

1.Which district has Highest Population growth during 1981-1991:
A. Jaipur
B. Banswara C. Bikaner D. Ajmer Ans: C
2. According to census 1991, the % of SC, ST in rajasthan:
A. 17.29 AND 12.44 B. 13.84 AND 6.77 C. 1729 AND 13.82 D. 12.44 AND 6.77 Ans: A
3. The main cause of frequent drought and famines in rajasthan is:
A. Degradatin of forests B. Irrational use of water C. Erratic Rainfall
D. Soil Erosion Ans: C
4. Natural Mustard Research Center is situated at:
A. Alwar B. Nagour C. Sewar D. Behror Ans: C
5. Som, Kamla, Amba irrigation Project is situated in district of:
A. Dungarpur B. Banswara C. Udaipur D. Chittor Ans: A
6. Two district of rajasthan without river are:
A. Jaisalmer,Barmer B. Jaisalmer, Jalore C. Bikaner,Churu
D. Jodhapur, Jaisalmer Ans: C
7. Which gas is used for filling baloons used for Meteorological Observation:
A. Oxygen
B. Carbon-dioxide C. Methane
D. Helium Ans: D
8. Measles(KHASARA) disease is caused by:
A. Virus B. Fungi
C. Bacteria
D. Mycoplasma Ans: A
9. Which one of the following is used for determining the structure of crystal:
A. Gamma Rays B. X-Rays
C. UV Rays
D. Visible Lights Ans: B
10. Which one of the following is a true fish: A. Star fish
B. Jelly fish C. Hag fish D. Sea horse Ans: D
11. Lichens are composite organishms made up of:
A. Fungi, Bacteria B. Fungi, Algae
C. Fungi, Bryophyta D. Algae, Bacteria Ans: B
12. Identify the parasitic(PARJIVI) plant amongs the following:
A. Pithce plant
B. Doder(AKASHBEL) C. Bladderwort
D. Sun flower Ans: B
13. Which country conducted referendum in Nov. 1997 to become member of NATO: A. Hungary
B. Poland C. Georgia D. Kuwait Ans: A
14. The fifth Asian region meeting of International Labour Organization was recently held at Bangkok on Dec. 1997 under chairmanship of :
A. Pakistan B. India
C. China
D. Bangla desh Ans:B
15. The author of “Diana, a tribute” is: A. Tim graham
B. Peter donnelly C. Julia Delano
D. Andrew Morton Ans: B
16. The biggest Type and tube industry in rajasthan is established at:
A. Kelwa
B. Kankroli C. Karoli D. Kotputli Ans: B
17. The revamped Public distribution system is operational into:
A. All district of Rajasthan
B. Tribal desert and drought prone areas C. Desert district only
D. None of above Ans: B
18. Udyog Protsahan Sansthan has been setup in rajasthan for:
A. Assisting the marketing of industrial products
B. Providing finance to sick industries
C. Providing incentives to new industrialist D. Providing training to New enterprenurs Ans: C
19. The system Governing villages through autonomous elected panchayats was evolved by:
A. Kushans B. Dravids C. Mauryas D. Aryans Ans: D
20 . Jama Masjid was built by: A. Humayun
B. Shah Jahn C. Akbar
D. Ibrahim Lodhi Ans: B
21. Euro Tunnel for fast running trains joins:
A. Holand-england B. England-france C. Belgium-holand
D. France-Luxembourg Ans: B
22. Lignite based thermal power project would come into existence at:
A. Kapurdi,jalipa, barsingsar B. Pokaran,kapurdi,jalipa
C. Palana,alwar, barsingsar
D. Ramgarh,barsingsar,suratgarh Ans: A
23. Per capita income in rajasthan in year 1996-97 at current price is:
A. Rs. 8000 B. 7500
C. 7800 D. 7000 Ans: C
24. Two cities of rajashtan included for determining the General consumer price index number for Industrial workers are: A. Kota, Jaipur
B. Kota, Beawar C. Jaipur,Ajmer D. Jaipur, Jodhpur Ans: C
25. % of electrified villages in rajasthan is: A. 90
B. 80 C. 75 D. 70 Ans: B
26. Search of gold in rajasthan is under progress:
A. Udaipur B. Kota
C. Jhalawar D. Banswara Ans: D
27. Main producer of ISABGOL, JEERA, TOMOTO is:
A. Ganganagar B. Bundi
C. Jalore D. Kota Ans: C
28. JEEVAN DHARA YOJNA is related to: A. Insurance scheme for poor
B. Construction of irrigation wells C. Providing electricity to rural poor D. Providing medical facilities
Ans: B
29. The no.of already known bones in human body are:
A. 200 B. 206 C. 220 D. 280 Ans: B
30. Recently scientist have succesfully isolated new antibiotics from the secretion of poisonous:
A. Lizards B. Snake C. Frog D. Insect Ans: B
31. Fuse wire used for safety of household have:
A. Low melting point B. High melting point C. High resistance
D. Low resistance
As: A
32. Decision to qualify a person convicted by court law has recently been taken by:
A. Govt. of India B. Supreme court
C. Election commission D. Parliament
Ans: C
33. The premdas stadium is situated at: A. Mumbai
B. Kolkata C. Dhaka D. Colambo Ans: A
34. Name of scent poetess MEERA was: A. Rana ratan singh
B. Rajkumar Bojraj C. Rana udaisingh D. Rana sanga Ans: B
35. Martyr Sagarmal Gopa belongs to: A. Jaipur
B. Bikaner C. Jodhpur D. Jaisalmer Ans: D
36. Book written by Chander-vardai is: A. Prithviraj raso
B. Prithviraj Charit C. Prithvi khyat
D. Prithvi Nath Ans: A
37. How may princely states merged to from Rajasthan:
A. 18 B. 16 C. 20 D. 19 Ans: D
38. The popular dance of shekhawati area is:
A. Ghoomar B. Gidhar C. Ger
D. Terah Tali Ans: B
39. The founder of bishnoi Sect was: A. Ramdeoji
B. Pabuji C. Jambhoji D. Harbuji Ans: C
40. Manpura-Macheri in jaipur district has been developed for:
A. Software complex
B. Hardware complex C. Leather Complex D. Handicarft complex Ans: C
41. The institution which is helping small scale industries and craftsmen by providing raw material at reasonable rates with marketing facilities for finished goods and organizing exhibitios ad training programs is:
42. The Headquarter of first university to be established for only Physically hadicapped persons in india will be at:
A. Allahabad B. Varanasi C. Chitrakoot D. Jaipur Ans: C
43. The atmosphere is mixture of several gases. near the earth surface it contains mainly:
A. Nitrogen and oxygen
B. Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide C. Oxygen and carbondioxide D. Ethane and Oxygen
Ans: A
44. Man made satellite are stationed in the: A. Mesosphere
B. Stratrosphere C. Troposphere D. Thermosphere Ans: D
45. The title SARDAR to sardar vallabh bhai patel was given by:
A. Mahatma gandhi B. Pandit Nehru
C. Maulana Azad D. Kastur Ba Ans: A
46. Famous bardoli agitation of farmers was led by:
A. Dr. Ambedkar B. Lala lajpat rai C. Sardar Patel D. Gandhiji
Ans: C
47. Light year is unit of: A. Distance
B. Time C. Age
D. Intensity of light Ans: A
48. In a wick stove, kerosine rises up the wick due to:
A. Osmosis B. Diffusion
C. Surface tension D. Plasmolysis Ans: C
49. Pendulam clock may run fast In: A. Summer
B. Winter C. Spring
D. Rainy season Ans: B
50. Which princely state in rajasthan patronized blue pottery:
A. Bikaner B. Udaipur C. Jaipur D. Jodhpur Ans: C
51. KAILA DEVI fair is held at: A. Sawai Madhopur
B. Dholpur C. Karauli D. Hindon Ans: C
52. Famous Cenotaph(CHATARI) with eighty four pillars is situated at:
A. Kota
B. Jhalawar C. Jaipur D. Bundi Ans: D
53. Famous tribal fair of Baneshwar is held in district of:
A. Bansawar B. Dungarpur C. Udaipur D. Baran Ans: B
54. What is the color of ladies “POMCHA”: A. Red
B. Green C. Yellow D. Saffron
55. Match the following: Ans:
A. Dark continent = Africa B. Roof of world = Pamir
C. Land of thousand lakes = Finland D. Isle of pearles = Bahrain
56. The average thickness of Biosphere consisitin Air,water,soil and rock is”
A. 30 km B. 500 M C. 3 KM D. 50 KM Ans: C
57. Which one of pair is correct with respect to conservation of wild life in india:
A. Bandipur-MP
B. Corbett- Karnataka C. Kaziranga – Assam D. Kanha – UP
Ans: C rasfreenotes.in Tips:
Corbett National Park = Uttrakhand kaziranga national park = Assam bandipur national park = Karnataka
Kanha National Park = Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh.
58. Match the following: Ans:
A. Yellow national park – US B. Eifil tower – Paris
C. Pagoda – Myanmar D. Pyramid – Egypt
59. The direct effect of Ozone depletion would lead to:
A. Decrease in yield of plants B. Skin cancer
C. Increase in ultra violet solar radiations D. Change in climate
Ans: C
60. The main aim of IRDP(Integrated Rural Development Programmes is:
A. To provide training in rural youths
B. To give employment to landless labours C. To check desertification
D. To give employment to families living in BPL
Ans: D
61. The famous cow breeds for the production of Milk are:
A. Tharparkar, Rathi B. Rathi, Nagori
C. Malwi, Tharparkar D. Mewati, Malwi Ans: A
62. The district in rajasthan which has world’s unique habitat for birds is:
A. Alwar
B. Bharatpur C. Udaipur D. Jodhpur Ans: B
63. Central Sheep and wool research Institute is located at:
A. Bikaner B. Jasol
C. Avikanagar D. Jaisalmer Ans: C
64. District location on International boarder are:
A. Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, barmer B. Ganganagar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Jalore
C. Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jodhpur and JALORE
D. Jalore, Jaisalamer, Barmer, and Bikaner Ans: A
65. Which country is not part of European Union:
A. France B. Germany C. Italy
D. Poland Ans: D
66. The terrorist Organization known as “PEOPLE’S WAR GROUP” is located in state:
A. Tripura B. Assam C. Nagaland D. AP
Ans: D
67. The prasar bharti act has come into existance:
A. 15th Sept. 1997 B. 15th Oct 1997 C. 15th Nov. 1997 D. 15th Dec. 1997 Ans: A
68. Who, among the following has been selected for the 33rd GYANPEETH Awards 1997:
A. Ali sardar jafri B. Abdul Quadir C. Faizi
D. Abdul Fazal Ans: A
69. The total No. of woman candidates who contested election for 12th Lok sabha from rajasthan was:
A. 18 B. 20 C. 19 D. 21 Ans: C
70. Which country sufered great loss on account of severe earthquake in Feb 1998: A. Bangladesh
B. PakistanC. Afganistan D. Tazikistan Ans: C
71. Excavation of Mohenojodaro and Harappa was vised by:
A. Lord Macualya B. Sir John Marshall C. Clive
D. Colonel Todd Ans: B
72. Famous greek ambassador magasthenes visited court of:
A. Ashoka
B. Harsha Vardhan
C. Chandragupta Maurya D. Hemu
Ans: C
73. The saltest Sea/Lake of world is: A. Caspian Sea
B. Great salt lake C. Dead sea
D. Lake van Ans: D
74. Energy crisis is major problem of rajasthan. which one of the followingg sources would be great help in the rural rajasthan:
A. Wind Energy B. Bio-Gas
C. Solar Energy
D. Thermal Energy Ans: B
75. The second highest peak of arawali range is:
A. Kumbhalgarh B. Nag pahar
C. Ser
D. Achalgarh Ans: C
76. Who was the first Governor general of India:
A. Robert clive
B. Warren Hasting C. Lord mayo
D. Lord Dalhousie Ans: B
77. Sir thomas roe, an ambassador of Jame-I of england came to india in year:
A. 1616 B. 1615 C. 1516 D. 1614 Ans: B
78. Remains of 4000 old civilization have been found near udaipur at village:
A. Jagat
B. Delwara C. Eklingji D. Ahar Ans: D
79. Establishment of Lok pal and Lokayukta in india was recommended by: A. Thakkar commission
B. Sarkaria Commission
C. Administrative reforms commissions D. Law commission
Ans: C
80. The % growth rate for the 9th five year plan has been targeted:
A. 6 B. 6.5 C. 7 D. 7.5 Ans: C
81. The 8th Summit of organization of Islamic conference was held on9-11 Dec 1997 at:
A. Saudi Arabia B. Karachi
C. Tehran D. Kuwait Ans: C
82. Falling rainfall becomes acidic due to the dissolution of the one of the following in air water:
A. Oxide of Sulphar B. Oxide of Boron
C. Hydrochloric Acid D. Nitric Acid
Ans: A
83. White rust is an important fungal disease of:
A. Wheat B. Mustand C. Rice
D. Bajra Ans: B
84. Brass is an alloy of: A. Copper and Iron
B. Zinc and Iron
C. Copper and Zinc D. Iron and Nickel Ans: C
85. Liver fluke lives in the bile dust of: A. Horse
B. Cow C. Man D. Sheep Ans: D
86. Apiculture is the scientific method related to the production of:
A. Honey B. Silk C. Apple D. Lac Ans: A
87. One group of archaebacteria are used for the production of:
A. Ethane B. Methane C. Acid
D. Alcohal Ans: 4
88. Which of the following pairs is correct: A. Bangang-Banas
B. Kothari-Luni C. Sukri-Chambal D. Jakham-Mahi Ans:D
89. The soil of Hadoti-Plateau is: A. Alluvial /KACHARI/JALOD B. Red
C. Brown
D. Medium Black Ans: D
90. The long term solution of soil salinity and alkalinity is use of:
A. Rock phosphate B. Gypsum
C. Manure D. Urea Ans: B
91. Match the following: ANS:
A.Gypsum = Jamsar
B. Copper = Kho dariba
C. Phosphate rock = Jhamar kotra
D. Lead and Zinc = Rampur-Aguncha Ans: D
92. Abnormal weather condition presently prevailing in india are attribute to:
A. Ozone hole B. Air Pollution C. El-Nino
D. Tropical cyclone Ans: C
93. Net SDP from agriculture for the year 1996-1997 in Rajasthan is estimated at about:
A. 40% B. 42% C. 44% D. 48% Ans: A
94. Out of rs. 11500 crore plan outlay for the 8th plan of rajasthan the provision of maximum amount has made for:
A. Agriculture and allied sector B. Power sector
C. Social and community service D. Rural development
Ans: B
95. From the tourism point of view there is a plan to divide rajasthan into:
A. 10 Region B. 8 Region C. 6 Region D. 4 Region Ans: C
96. Who has been recently awarded ashoka chakra by president of India:
A. Shankar ram choudhary B. Ved prakash
C. TN Seshan D. Punit datta Ans: D
97. The shalom India festival in Indian cities was organized by:
A. Germany B. France C. Nepal
D. Israel
98. The Booker price winner of 1997 is: A. Salman rushdie
B. Arundhati roy
C. Bindeshwari Pathak D. Man mohan singh Ans: B
99. The book entitled “Planning and the poor” has been authored by:
A. BS Minhas
B. Gunnar Myrdal C. LC Jain
D. LJ Jha Ans: A
100. The voluntary disclosure scheme 1997 was launches by Finance minister with effect from:
A. 1 Jan 1997 B. 1 April 1997 C. 1 June 1997 D. 1 July 1997 Ans:D

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