Jogini system

Jogini system

The word ‘Jogini’ is one of several given to this form of ritual sex slavery or temple prostitution across southern India. The most widely known name is ‘Devadasi’ which means ‘servant of the gods’.

‘Joginis’ have a rich artistic tradition in dance and song used in temple worship, and historically were protected by royal patrons. Today, although ‘Joginis’ still perform duties in the temple, their life is marked by extreme poverty and forced prostitution.  On two days each week, they will go from door-to-door begging. They mainly receive grains of rice since they mostly visit houses in the ‘wada’ (Dalit area). Many ‘Joginis’ engage in casual labour in the fields if it is available, but they only earn paltry wages.  Most ‘Joginis’ are uneducated, with very many of them being illiterate. Since a father’s name is normally required to access places in school, their children may also fail to get an education. Daughters of ‘Joginis’ will often follow in their mother’s footsteps.

After her dedication, a ‘Jogini’ is given to a village elder – a priest, landowner, or other wealthy man – to be used by them once they reach puberty. When the elder tires of them, ‘Joginis’ become the ‘property’ of the village, to be used by any man, anytime, anywhere.  ‘Joginis’ are not normally paid for their services, although some may be if they are pimped or if trafficked to a city or highway brothel. They face a high risk of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They are also very vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS, because of the nature of their ‘work’.   Although they may be honoured as the ‘goddess’, there is a stigma attached to being a ‘Jogini’.

The centuries-old jogini system is still prevalent in the State capital. This startling revelation came from Ashraya, an NGO working in Hyderabad, at an interactive meeting organised by the government-appointed commission to study the problems faced by joginis, at the Collectorate on Friday. “These women (joginis) perform rituals during the festivities in the twin cities,” said NGO representative Gracy Nirmala. She maintained that she knew of four joginis in Marredpally locality.

An official note circulated ahead of the meeting too ratified that there were joginis in the city and a few of them were working in temples. These women had migrated from other districts and were staying in slums. In 1987-88, the district administration had identified 740 joginis and spent over Rs.25 lakh for their rehabilitation under the SC action plan. Each family got over Rs.20,000 financial assistance, including Rs.10,000 as government subsidy. The scheme was continued till 2006-07 and since then there has been no aid extended to these families. To assess the prevalence of the jogini system in the city, a survey would soon be conducted by the Revenue and Health Departments and the report would be submitted to the commission that is headed by V. Raghunath Rao.  The committee was constituted following the direction of the Supreme Court to the government to look into the issue of joginis. The apex court was responding to a petition highlighting the prevalence of the system in Mahabubnagar district. The commission has visited 19 districts so far.Mr. Rao expressed concern over the apathy of Police and Revenue Departments in initiating action against those propagating the practice. Only eleven cases, including nine in Ongole have been booked under the A.P. Devadasis (Prohibition of Dedication) Act, 1988. Police and revenue officials can take stern action against propagators, he advised.

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