Natural and Power Resources of Telangana

Natural and Power Resources of Telangana


Telangana locale has rich characteristic assets. 10 for every penny of the nation’s coal stores in the nation are likewise found here.

Minerals are of incredible monetary esteem and have possessed a trademark put among all the financial assets. Minerals and mineral ventures have huge large scale joins with the economy of a nation.

Mining action produces business openings; is clearly an imperative wellspring of expense income and adds to national wage in this way prompting financial development. In perspective of the essentialness minerals-hold in Telangana, the paper makes an endeavor to drill down all the mineral events of the State and the path forward for financial development.

The recently isolated Telangana state from the condition of joined Andhra Pradesh has a novel topographical set up that can have an assortment of mineral stores of monetary esteem.

The state Telangana has a territory of 112955 Sq.Km, limited by N scopes 15o 46′ and 19o 47’and E longitudes 77o16′ and 81o43′ . Despite the fact that few open associations have found different mineral stores, still there exists a gigantic degree for additionally nitty gritty investigation looking for new mineral stores in the state and contribution of private/multinational organizations has been begun just in the most recent decade.

There is noteworthy mineral potential that still lay undiscovered in Telangana for the development of mining industry. Since a different State has been framed, a deliberate administrative and authoritative methods, framework offices prompting economical investigation and mining action should be planned. The difficulties like absence of adequate water stockpiling frameworks, foundation and so on have constrained the general interest in mining and investigation exercises in the state for as far back as couple of decades.



The Singareni Collieries Company Limited uncovers coal from these mines for mechanical necessities and warm power stations.

Telangana is additionally rich in limestone stores that take into account bond production lines. Telangana has other mineral assets like bauxite and mica.

The best three locale as far as mining income are from Telangana. That is an incredible 79% of the income from top 5 mining regions originates from Telangana. On the off chance that this is the circumstance now, envision what might happen when income from Bayyaram Iron Ore mines, which is evaluated at a few lakhs of crores, begins coming in.

With immense stone stores in Ranga Reddy area and kimberlite pipe (precious stone) stores in Mahbubnagar region, Telangana is a mineral rich state and has gigantic degree for mineral based businesses, opined geophysicists.

Not simply rock and kimberlite pipe stores but rather Telangana have press metal, feldspar, quartz, among different stores in Telangana.

A class to examine the most recent patterns in geophysical investigation was held in Hyderabad on Saturday. Geophysicists and research researchers talked about the mineral sources accessible in Telangana on the event.

Both the examination ventures embraced up by Geophysics division at Bayyaram for press mineral and in Mahabubnagar area for kimberlite channels will be finished in two months, said Ram Raj Mathur, teacher of Geophysics, who is a piece of the group directing an investigation on kimberlite pipe stores.

Telangana, then again, incorporates Hyderabad and the rich mineral belt in its northern regions of Adilabad, Khammam, Karimnagar and Warangal.



So how does Telangana oversee it? Despite the fact that it has less ripe land, it has far wealthier mineral assets. This has additionally empowered the development of industry in the state. The way that there is an extensive extent of no man’s land and lower extent of woodlands will empower it to increase both mining and mining-based industry. However, Telangana’s most critical resource is Hyderabad and every one of the advantages that the catchment areas of Rangareddy and even past can get from it.

The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) has created the most elevated ever generation of 27.20 million tons (MT) of coal amid the principal half of 2015-16 against focus of 25.09 MT with 108 for every penny accomplishment. It recorded 27.46 for each penny development over earlier year generation of 21.34 MT amid a similar period.

It has dispatched 28.34 MT coal to its clients recording 14.55 for each penny development over earlier year amid same period. The supply of 24.74 MT was the most elevated ever dispatch by the organization till now. SCCL when all is said in done met the necessity of energy utilities, hostage control plants, bond and different ventures. This year exhumed overburden is 139.99 M.Cu.m as against focus of 131.76 M.Cu.m.

This speaks to 106 for every penny increment over a year ago unearthing of 113.71 M.Cu m. In the mean time, the Coal India enrolled 8.9 for every penny development with generation of 229.54 MT coal amid first half year “SCCL is making every essential walk for increment and supply of coal to control units in Telangana for all round advancement of the State.


Telangana state is blessed with an assortment of mineral events introduce in various topographical conditions. The mining operations are constrained to just couple of vital minerals as of now. The requirement for a very much arranged program of study and investigation, straightforward framework in granting surveillance, prospecting and mining licenses, administration of assets which have just been found and those which are currently disclosure and their ideal, practical and convenient utilize are the issues of essential significance requiring thorough arranging, sufficient subsidizing and composed fruitful execution and setting up mineral based enterprises like manures, glass, abrasives and stubborn’s and so on. Such kind of creative perspective will help boosting financial development, by the mineral and mining division, in the recently isolated Telangana state.


Chromite: In the Khammamlocale the mineral happens for the most part as buoy metal. In spite of the fact that at places it is seen in situ as lenticular pockets in ultrabasic rocks like pyroxenite, serpentinite and so on. In areas close Bhimavaram, Gauraram, Jannavaram and Imamnagar and Enkuru an aggregate of 2,500 tons of buoy and couple of hundred tons of in situ mineral are evaluated for these events. This zone merits advance investigation for chromite as well as for minerals of platinoid gathering. Copper: Copper mineralisation is seen in the Mailaram range of Khammam locale in Dharwar quartz-chlorite schist’s, encroached by dark and blue quartz veins with Cu% between 1.5-1.7. Chalcopyrite happens as spreads and stringers related with pyrite and pyrrhotite. According to GSI the zone of copper mineralisation stretches out for a strike length of 800 m with a hold of 0.814 metric tons. At Venkatapuram, chalcopyrite related with pyrite and pyrrhotiteis seen in minor veins of quartz navigating the Pakhalquartzites and dolomites and in the quartz-chlorite schists of the Dharwars holding a mineralised zone extending in thickness from 1.5 to 5.30 m. for a strike length of 200 m. The Cu content reaches from 0.64 to 1.58 for each penny. Signs of inadequate Cu mineralisation are likewise seen close Banjar, Mainkawaram, Rabingudem, Sarkal and Yellambailu. In current situation of copper metal costs, this range merits encourage investigation with cutting edge innovation. Gold: Alluvial gold is said to have been worked from close to the intersection of Kinnerasani waterway with the Godavari in the Khammam area and furthermore close Mangampet in the Warangal region. Recently, investigation action by GSI is being done to test the gold potential in Atkur Block, Gadwal Schist Belt, Mahbubnagar locale.


Press mineral: Isolated patches of united magnetite quartziteshappen close Chityal, Kallada, Dasturabad and Robanpalli, Lakshettipet and Utnoor in the Adilabad area generally as NW-SE slanting BIF groups. Around 16 million tons of poor quality mineral are evaluated here. In the Khammamarea press mineral stores exist between Cheruvupuram, Bayyaram and Navapadu and Kothagudem. These are extensively ordered into press metal related with Pakhals and iron-metal related with grouped hematite quartzite of Dharwar age. The stores of first gathering are wealthier and bigger. The aggregate save around there on the premise of a preparatory examination has been assessed at 11 million tons. The slope 1905 around 5 km. north of Bayyaram, contains two groups of high review press metal one of the groups having a normal thickness of 6 m. is assessed to contain 1,06,000 tons of high review metal and 6,00,000 tons of poor quality metal. The other band with a normal thickness of around 15 m. is assessed to contain 72, 60,000 tons of all evaluations of mineral. Along the northern flank of the slope, hold of 6,25,000 tons of high review metal and 3,12,000 tons of poor quality buoy metal is assessed. Detrital press metal happens close Ramagundal, Hematite-quartzite appropriate as ironore is available in the Motala-Timmapur zone.

Manganese: In the Adilabadregion manganese metal with low phosphorous substance happens as thin focal points admixed with chert and jasper inside Penganga limestones at Gowlighat, Goatkur, Jamdapur and Chanda for a strike length of 7.8 km. A save of 1,17000 tons with normal review of 39.6% of Mn. Poor quality manganese-metal happens as encrustations close Ratampet and Kandali in the Nizamabad locale.


Molybdenite: Molybdenite happens at 0.6 km. N.150 W. of Maisamoalle, at 0.6 km. S750 W of Kochamapalle at 1.6 km East of Kundannapalle and in the south of Chegurumandi in the Karimnagar area, as bits, dispersals and stringers facilitated in limit pegmatites, in blue shaded quartz veins navigating porphyrite stone and at places in rock itself. The width of the veins shifts from 15cm. to 40 cm. what’s more, the length from 5 m. to 20 m with grade going from 0.01% to 0.2%. Minor events of molybdenum as dispersals in pegmatites or stones are likewise found in these locale.


Non-metallic minerals

Asbestos: Cross-fiber chrysotile asbestos changing long from a couple of mm. to 40 mm. happens in the serpentinisedVempalle dolomites at Somsil. The total fiber length surpasses 50 mm. A zone of serpentinization with irregularly created asbestos strands has been distinguished for a length of 800 meters.

Amethyst: To the south of Karimnagar, at Sandral, crystalline amethyst structures a few layers exchanging with white quartz in drusy pits of crevice veins which drift between WNW-ESE and NW-SE. Amethyst and amethestene quartz veins happen likewise at Ramanapalli close Siddipet, Medak region, and at Abdul Nagaram, Mekalgattu and Peddapadu in Warangal area.

Barytes: In the Khammamregion events of barytes are restricted to a thin belt of the Pakhals around 6.5 km east of Khammam town. The critical events are at Rudramkota , Venkatayapalem, Gopalpur, Ballapet , Kodamur and Cheruvupuram , Barytes happens as focal points, stringers and veins changing in width from a couple of centimeters to six meters. Barytesis accounted for from close Bollaram, and 1.6 km. NE of Virabhadradurgam in the Mahbubnagar region.

Veins extending in thickness from 1 m. to 3.2 meters are seen in sheared zones in the Vempalle dolomite and quartzites.

Building stones: An assortment of rocks like rock, dolerite, amphibolite, sandstone, marble which can be utilized as fancy building stones are accessible in Warangal, Khammam, Karimnagar, Rangareddy areas. There are various cleaning units are in operation particularly in Khammam, Rangareddy and Waranagal regions. Groups of white marble are found close Jestalpane, Bethumpudi ,Chimalpahad,


Coal: The Pranhita-Godavari valley is known for its coal saves for over a century. Coal bearing Gondwana rocks involve parts of the Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Nizambad and Warangal areas. The coal bearing Barakar happens at various regions, however is dependably overlain by the more youthful Kamthi sandstones and shales. The Gondwanas, fundamentally the more youthful Kamthis possess a zone surpassing 11,000 Sq.Km. in the state, yet the exposures of the Barakar are few and far berween. The coalfields of the State have been isolated into partitioned units and they are North Wardha, Asifabad, Tandur, Kanala, North Godavari and Sarangapalli, Chinnur, South Godavari, Kamawaram, Allapalli, Singareni, Kothagudem, Polancha and Sivapuram and being mined by SingareniColleries Company Ltd., (SCCL).

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