Non-conventional Energy Resources of Rajasthan- for RAS RTS Exams

er1Development of non-conventional sources of energy is of prime importance for the sustainable and inclusive growth in the state. Conventional energy resources are depleting at an accelerated rate and non-conventional resources could play a leading role in energy security in the state.

Non-Conventional energy resources could minimise the transmission cost and energy divide between the remote locations


  • Rajasthan has a unique geographical location in the tropical climate which enables it with high solar radiation intensity throughout the year.
  • Sky is clear with abundant sunlight for about 300 days a year
  • Solar insulation is greater than 600 Kcal/ sq. cm. through out the state.
  • solar energy could be used as heat energy or could be converted into electricity through photovoltic cells
  • National Solar Mission


Various uses of solar energy are:-

  1. Solar Power thermal plants – such as at Mathania with help of world bank
  2. Solar Gasifier- Kota, Bharatpur, Hanumangarh and Lunkaransar
  3. Solar Milk Chilling Plant- Bharatpur
  4. Solar Cookers
  5. Solar Road Lights
  6. Solar water pumps

  • Velocity of wind in Rajasthan is 10-20 Km/Hr which could be harnesed to produce wind energy.
  • Wind mills and Aero generator are two means to utilize wing energy
  • Wind mills:- Jaisalmer,Phalodi and Deogarh
  • Aero Generator has been established in Jaisalmer.

  • Mustard husk and Julieflora are the two main source of biomass energy in the state.

Urban Waste
  • Cities produce lot of bio degradable products which could be used in energy production as one established in Timarpur Delhi

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