Livestock’s of Rajasthan and Their Conservation


In the arid and semi-arid zone of Rajasthan animal rearing is the primary occupation and source of livelihood.

Census of live stock states them to be 5.77 crore in number which accounts for 11.8% of Indian Animal population.

Rajasthan has largest number of goats, sheeps, camels and drought animals.

Density and Distribution of livestock in Rajasthan:-

  • Overall density of livestock in the state is 169/km^2
  • Districts with highest density:- Rajsamand>Dausa> Dungapur >Banswara>Sikar
  • While the lowest density is recorded in Jaisalmer
  • Very high density is recorded in the regions surrounding the Aravali hills

Cattle Rearing in Rajasthan

Rajasthan accounts for 6.89% of cattle and have both milk and drough breeds.

Breeds of cattle:-

  • Nagauri:- Originated from sulakh region of Nagaur, is purely draught, ox are heavy load carriers
  • Kankrej:- Western rajasthan, Dual Purpose Breed
  • Tharpakar:- Malani region of Jaisalmer, milk Breed
  • Rathi:- Jaisalmer and Gangnagar, Good in dairy but poor in draught condition
  • Harayanvi:- Gangnagar,churu, Alwar and Tonk, Dual Porpose Breed
  • Malvi:- Southern and south-eastern rajasthan, Draught breed
  • Gir:- Ajmer,Good milk and draught breed
  • Mewati:- Jhunjhunu and sikar, Dual purpose breed
  • Sanchori:- Jalore,


Buffaloes:- its abundantly found in semi-arid and semi-humid regions of the state. two types of buffaloes

  • Murrah:-Eastern districts of Rajasthan. Best breed
  • Haryanvi:- border districts with Harayana. Inferior Breed

Sheep:- can survive on xerophytic plants with minimum water needs and thus is abundant in the arid regions of the state. Various breeds of sheep are:-

  • Chokhla:- Shekhawati region, Produces 1-2kg wool
  • Megra:- Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Pali and Nagaur ,Produces 5 kg wool
  • Nali:- Bikaner, Hanumangarh and ganganagar, Produces 3-4 kg wool
  • Marwari:- Arid and semi-arid regions, Produces 1-2 kg wool
  • Pugal:- Bikaner, Produces 2 kg wool
  • Jaisalmeri:- jaisalmer,Produces 3.5  kg wool
  • Bagri:- Alwar, Dholpur and Bharatpur,
  • Malpuri:- Tonk, Jaipur and Dosa
  • Sonari:- Southern districts of Rajasthan, Produces 1.5 kg wool


Goats:- 216.66 Lakh in number, largest amongst domestic animals, various varities are:-

  • Jamnapuri- upto 3 lt/day
  • Barbari- upto 1.5  lt/day
  • Alwari
  • Jhalwari- upto 1 lt/day


Camels:- 3.26 lakhs in number,  Various breeds of camel are:-

  • Bikaneri
  • Jodhpuri
  • Nachna
  • Jaisalmeri
  • Kutchi
  • Jalori
  • Mewari
  • Gomat
  • Gurha
  • Kerupal
  • Alwari
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