Problems of Agricultural Labour

Problems of Agricultural Labour Agricultural labourers who are mostly landless and form a significant section of rural society mainly depend on wage employment in agriculture. Majority of them belong to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and among the worst exploited section of society.  Unlike the industrial worker who are well organised agricultural labourers are neither … Read more

Agrarian Distress and Mitigation

Agrarian Distress and Mitigation More than 35,000 farmers marched to Mumbai from Nashik demanding loan waivers as well as the implementation of the Forest Rights Act (FRA). The FRA allows for land up to four hectares to be granted to families who have traditionally cultivated those plots. Having the land in their names would make … Read more

Devadasi System

Devadasi System In parts of southern and eastern India, a devadasi was a young woman who dedicated her life to the worship and service of a Hindu deity or a temple. Devadasis could be as young as 7 years old when they were initiated into this way of life. The initiation or ‘Pottukattu’ ceremony was … Read more

Migrant Labour and Child Marriage issue in Telangana

Migrant Labour issue in Telangana Hundreds of skilled immigrants come into Telangana to begin a living doing skilled jobs in construction, hotels, interior designing etc. The city is now the hub of development with the growth of the IT sector and rise in industries creating abundant opportunities and high employment rates. Along with construction, there … Read more

Child labour in Telangana

Child labour in Telangana Prosecution against employers of child labour has become a challenge. The Telangana child labour department rescued 1,706 kids in 2016 and 1,085 employers were booked under the Child Labour Act. The rest went scot-free by flashing age proofs issued by doctors without conducting tests. In some cases, parents, employers and the … Read more

Jogini system

Jogini system The word ‘Jogini’ is one of several given to this form of ritual sex slavery or temple prostitution across southern India. The most widely known name is ‘Devadasi’ which means ‘servant of the gods’. ‘Joginis’ have a rich artistic tradition in dance and song used in temple worship, and historically were protected by … Read more

Fluorosis in telangana

Fluorosis in telangana Even as the Telangana State is yet to tackle the dreaded disease of fluorosis in Nalgonda district caused due to presence of alarming levels of fluoride in its ground water, there is more bad news for the State.  The tentacles of fluorosis that leaves people crippled is threatening to spread across the … Read more

Vetti system in Telangana

  Telangana was a stronghold of artisan system people of various traditional caste occupations contributed significantly to the socio-economic and cultural life of the area. But selfish administrative elements of the Nizam rule and the feudal landlords enjoyed “free” (vetti) services of the artisans. Certain families in the village were to serve the landlords for … Read more

Rural – Urban continuum

Rural – Urban continuum There are many different views regarding the rural-urban continuum. Some scholars say that there are no sharp breaking points to be found in the degree or quantity of rural urban differences. Robert Redfield has given the concept of rural -urban continuum on the basis of his study of Mexican peasants of … Read more


Multiculturalism Multiculturalism means  the co-existence of diverse cultures, where culture includes racial, religious, or cultural groups and is manifested in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, patterns of thinking, and communicative styles. The idea of multiculturalism in contemporary political discourse and in political philosophy is about how to understand and respond to the challenges associated … Read more