Mislaneous Facts of Rajasthan:Current Affairs 2016

Manrega Pays From 1st april 2016 the MANREGA Pays will be 181 Rs from 173 Rs earlier Jaipur Hand Selected in the list of Best Inovation To be developed like Jaipur foot 1491 KM Distance covered by Bharatmala Project in the state War Museum To be developed at Jaisalmer Defence area 15 OCT 2015  Student … Read more

Famous Places : Current Affairs 2016

Bikaner and Ajmer chosen for National prize for their work under swachh Bharat mission both the district has been declared from open defalcation.   Ramganjmandi ,Kota has been included in National agriculture market policy started by Narendra Modi on 14th April 2016 now the farmers can sell their crops in any mandi and Central government has … Read more

Famous Personalities:Current Affairs 2016

Below is the list and details of Famous personalities important for RAS/RTS Prelims Exam 2016. Sarovar Kumar First Smart City CEO elected by Central Government on 27th April 2016 Pritam Singh selected as public accounts committee chairman of Rajasthan vidhan sabha Justice Ajay Rastogi 16 April 2016 was elected as caretaker chief justice of Rajasthan … Read more

Important Ancient Terms for RAS/RTS (Rajasthan) Prelims and Mains Examination

Lohit Ayas Copper Syam Ayas Iron Vanik Traders Gramini Village Head Bhagadugha Tax collector Sthapati Chief Judge Takshan Carpenter Niska Unit of currency Satamana Unit of currency Pana Term used for coin Shresthi Guilds Vihara Buddhist Monastery Chaitya Sacred Enclosure Pradeshika Head of district Administration Nagarka City administration Jesthaka Chief of a Guild Prathamakulika Chief … Read more

Different Schools of Indian Philosophy

          Nastika Shools of Indian System of Philosophy   Charvaka   Believes only in materialism. No life beyond death, no soul no god. Jaina     The names of two tirthankaras, Rishabhanath & Aristhanemia finds mention in Rig Veda. 540 BC   Twenty third was Parsva, son of Ishvaku king Asvasena. … Read more

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