G.O. 610 (1985)

The G.O’s 1st para, which is generally known as Presidential Order contains principles regarding Organisation of Local Cadres allotment of personnel of the various Departments to the various local cadres, method of direct recruitment to the various categories, inter-local cadre in transfers etc. of the employees holding those posts. In the G.Os 2nd and 3rd pera read above clari catory instructions were issued regarding procedure for implementation of the various provisions of the Presidential Order.

In accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Order, local cadres have been organised to the various categories of posts in all Government Departments and allotment of personnel was made as per the guidelines contained in paragraph 4 of the said order.

In the representation 4th pera cited, the President, Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers Union has represented that certain allotments have been made in violation of the provisions of the Presidential Order. The Government after carefully examining the issues raised in the representation and after having wide ranging discussion with the representatives of the Union have entered into an agreement with the Telangana Non-Gazetted O cers Union on 07-12-1985.

As per the terms of agreement the following orders are issued: (1) The employees allotted after 18-10-1975 to Zones V & VI in violation of zonalisation of local cadres under the Six Point Formula will be repatriated to their respective zones by 31-03¬1986 by creating supernumerary posts wherev¬er necessary. (2) In respect of Jurala, Srisailam Left Canal and Sriramsagar Project Stage-II, all the sta in the Non-Gazetted categories both technical and non-technical including Asst. Executive Engineers (formerly JEs) coming under zonali¬sation of local cadres under the Presidential Order of 1975 who were posted to the projects from outside zones V and VI after 01-03-1983, will be retransferred to their respective zones and posted either in existing vacancies in vari¬ous Government Establishments in those zones or in supernumerary posts where vacancies are not available. Towards this the Government will also move the Government of India for seeking amendment to Government of India’s noti cation G.S.R. 525(E) dated 28-06-1985 to give retrospective e ect to this order with e ect from 01-03-1983. (3) (a) In respect of appeals led against orders of allotment made under paragraph 4 of the Presidential Order of 1975 to the competent authority in time and where such appeals are still pending disposal, all such cases where details are furnished by the T.N.G.Os Union or individuals, shall be disposed of by 31-03-1986.

(b) As a result of the above exercise, consequential vacancies if any, arising shall be lled up as per the procedure laid down under the Presidential Order. (4) In respect of rst level Gazetted posts in certain Departments which are outside the purview of the Presidential Order, action should be taken to re view the question of inclusion of such posts also in the scheme of localisation and the mat¬ter should be taken up with the Government of India for suitable amendment to the said order. (5) The posts in Institutions/Establishment noti ed in G.S.R. No.526 (E) dated:18-10-1975 shall be lled up by drawing persons on tenure basis from di erent local cadres on an equitable basis as per the orders issued in the G.O. 3rd read above. (6) The provision in Pera 5(2) (c) of the Presidential Order relating to inter-local cadre transfers shall be strictly implemented and such trans¬fers shall be e ected only under exceptional cir¬cumstances in public interest. (7) Action will be initiated in the concerned depart-ments in cases brought to their notice regarding bogus registrations in Employment Exchanges. (8) On receipt of complaints, if any, made by the TNGOs Union relating to irregular allotments of candidates particularly to Zones V and VI in the category of Village Assistants the concerned department shall take up the matter with the A.P. Public Service Commission and take such measures as may be necessary to rectify the irregular allotments made if any. (9) The possibility of allotting persons from within the same zone/multi-zone against non-local vacancy in a particular local cadre will be exam¬ined in consultation with the APPSC. (10) The T.N.G.Os Union will furnish to Government the service/ categories where for want of trained personnel, non-local candidates are being appointed in zones V and VI so that Government can provide training facilities in respect of such services/categories with a view to providing ade-quate opportunities for recruitment and appoint-ment of local candidates in zones V and VI. (11) The Departments of Secretariat shall complete the review of appointments/promotions made under the Presidential Order as required under Pera 13 of the said order, by 30-06-1986. (12) (a) Immediate action will be taken to nalise the Common Gradation List in respect of Assistant Engineers (Presently Dy.. E.Es) as on 01-11-1956, following the prescribed procedure under the S.R. Act. 1956. (b) In respect of former Junior Engineers (Presently Asst.E.Es) the common gradation list published by the Government was quashed by the A.P. Administrative Tribunal and the Government had gone in appeal to the Supreme Court. E ective measures will be taken for the disposal of the matter before the Supreme Court,, expeditiously. (13) The matter relating to allotment of 7 non-local personnel in the cadre of Inspector of Local Fund Audit belonging to Zones I to IV, allotted to Zones-V and VI against their options, will be examined by the Department concerned keep¬ing in view of the provisions of the Presidential Order. (14) The question of repatriation of 13 Deputy Executive Engineers of the Public Health Department working in the city of Hyderabad to Zones I to IV will be considered by the Department concerned keeping in view the pro-visions of the Presidential Order.

  1. Telangana employees, accustomed to the lethar¬gic nawabi culture, worked leisurely. Andhra employees who inherited the British e ciency and punctuality completed their work fast. This created di erences among the employees.
  2. Hindus and Muslims among the Telangana employees gave importance to etiquette which the Andhra employees gave least importance to.
  3. Andhras who bought land from the Telangana farmers at Rs.300/-to Rs.500/- per acre, harvest¬ed paddy worth Rs.1000/- per acre. Moreover, the small farmer who sold his land, had to work as farm labour in his own land. When the farm¬ers resorted to distress sale of their land and the Andhra buyers exploited the situation, the Provincial Council which was expected to be a watch dog, turned a Nelson’s eye.
  4. The projects like Pochampadu which were life breath for Telangana region were neglected. For example, the said project was to be built at a cost of Rs.121 crores according to the estimates of the erstwhile Hyderabad government and 24 lakh acres of land was to be irrigated. But due to nancial constraints only ve lakh acres were irrigated.
  5. When Hyderabad engineers designed Nagatjuna Sagar project, Telangana was wronged. According to the design, the water of the right canal of the project was to irrigate the lands in Guntur and other parts and the water of the left canal was to irrigate the Telangana regions of Nalgonda, Khammam and Warangal in addition to some lands in Krishna and Godavari regions. The water of the project was to ow to Nandigama from the 19th distributo- ry canal. But – even before the 17th, 18th and 19th distributory canals were dug, contrary to norms, water was diverted to Nandigama from the 16th distributory canal, which was called derisively as K.L. plan.
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