Schedule Tribes of Telangana

Schedule Tribes of Telangana

  • Based on 2011 Census total popultaion of India is 08 Crore out of which ST population is 10.45 Crore (8.6%).
  • The tribal communities in India are enormously diverse and heterogeneous. There are wide ranging diversities among them in respect of languages spoken, size of population and mode of livelihood.
  • The number of communities that find their place in the list of the Schedule of the Indian constitution is reflective of this diversity. The Government of India, in its Draft National Tribal Policy, 2006 records 698 Scheduled Tribes in India.
  • As per the Census of India 2011, the number of individual groups notified as Scheduled Tribes is 705
  • Scheduled Tribe population in the State, which accounts for 9.08 percent of the total population (as per 2011 census), which is significantly higher compared to the percentage of 6.99 STs in the combined State of AP.
  • In According to 2011 Census and Ministry of Tribal Affiars Reports the Tribal Polpulation of Telangana
Total Population of Telangana


Total Population of ST in Telangana


Percentage of ST population in Telangana


% STs in the State to total ST population in India


Sex Ratio in STs (Gender Composition of Scheduled Tribe Population) in Telangana 980
Literacy Rates of ST Population in State 49.5%


Total Schedule Tribes of Telangana that included in Constiturional List of Scheduled tribe by Government of India through President order with Name like


  1. Andh, Sadhu Andh
  2. Bagata
  3. Bhil
  4. Chenchu
  5. Gadabas, Bodo Gadaba, Gutob Gadaba, Kallayi Gadaba, Parangi Gadaba, Kathera Gadaba, Kapu Gadaba
  6. Gond, Naikpod, Rajgond, Koitur
  7. Goudu
  8. Hill Reddis
  9. Jatapus
  10. Kammara
  11. Kattunayakan
  12. Kolam, Kolawar
  13. Konda Dhoras, Kubi
  14. Konda Kapus
  15. Kondareddis
  16. Kondhs, Kodi, Kodhu, Desaya Kondhs, Dongria Kondhs, Kuttiya Kondhs, Tikiria Kondhs, Yenity Kondhs, Kuvinga
  17. Kotia, Bentho Oriya, Bartika, Dulia, Holva, Sanrona, Sidhopaiko
  18. Koya, Doli Koya, Gutta Koya, Kammara Koya, Musara Koya,Oddi Koya, Pattidi Koya, Rajah, Rasha Koya, Lingadhari Koya (ordinary), Kottu Koya, Bhine Koya, Rajkoya
  19. Kulia
  20. Manna Dhora
  21. Mukha Dhora, Nooka Dhora
  22. Nayaks (in the Agency tracts)
  23. Pardhan
  24. Porja, Parangiperja
  25. Reddi Dhoras
  26. Rona, Rena
  27. Savaras, Kapu Savaras, Maliya Savaras, Khutto Savaras
  28. Sugalis, Lambadis, Banjara
  29. Thoti (in Adilabad, Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahbubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizam abad and Warangal districts)
  30. Yenadis, Chella Yenadi, Kappala Yenadi, Manchi Yenadi, Reddi Yenadi
  31. Yerukulas, Koracha, Dabba Yerukula, Kunchapuri Yerukula, Uppu Yerukula
  32. Nakkala, Kurvikaran

State List of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups f Schedule Tribes of Telangana

PVTGs, currently including 75 tribal groups, have been identified as such on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Forest-dependent livelihoods,
  2. Pre-agricultural level of existence,
  3. Stagnant or declining population,
  4. Low literacy rates
  5. A subsistence-based economy.

As currently there is the list include both Andra Pradesh and Telangana PVTG together that is


  1. Bodo Gadaba
  2. Bondo Poroja
  3. Chenchu
  4. DongriaKhond
  5. GutobGadaba
  6. KhondPoroja
  7. Kolam
  8. Kondareddis
  9. KondaSavara
  10. KutiaKhond
  11. ParengiPoroja
  12. Thoti

States List of Scheduled Areas

  • The Fifth Schedule (Aarticle 244(1)) contains provisions relating to the administration of Scheduled Areas other than in Northeast India.
  • First, areas can be designated Scheduled Areas on the order of the President, who can similarly declare that certain parts of/entire Scheduled Areas cease to be such.
  • Second, the Governor of each State having Scheduled Areas shall annually, or whenever required by the President of India, submit a report to the President regarding the administration of Scheduled Areas.
  • Currently, certain parts of nine States of the country are covered by the Fifth Schedule. The broad list of Scheduled Areas of Telangana is as follows:

Information regarding Scheduled Area included in Below Image


profile of Schedule Tribes of Telangana

Numerically dominant Tribal Groups

Lambada :

The Lambadas are the major dominant tribal group inhabiting through the Telangana State. They are also known as Banjara. Their population according to 2011 census is 20,46,117

Koya :

The Koyas mainly inhabit the hilly areas of Khammam and Warangal districts and are sparsely found in Adilabad and Karimnagar districts of Telangana. Their population as per 2011 Census is 4,86,391.

Gond :

Gonds are one of the dominant tribal groups found in Adilabad District of Telangana. The Naikpod is mentioned along with Raj Gonds in the approved list of STs. But in tribal areas of Adilabad District, Naikpod is a separate tribe. Population of Gonds including Naikpods in Telangana as per 2011 census is 2,97,846.

Yerukala :

Yerukala tribe is also found throughout Telangana State. They call themselves ‘Kurru’. They are called ‘Yerukula’ after their women’s traditional profession of fortune telling ((Eruka chepputa. Their population according to 2011 census is 1,44,128.

Pradhan :

Pardhans inhabit the tribal areas of Adilabad district of Telangana. They are traditional bards to Gonds and perform mythologies, folk tales and songs of their gods and goddesses at various festivals, ceremonies and fairs for which service they are paid in cash or kind. Their population according to 2011 census is 24,776.

Primitive Tribal Groups Profile in Schedule Tribes of Telangana

Kolam :Schedule Tribes of Telangana

Kolams are predominantly found in tribal areas of Adilabad district of Telangana. They live in exclusive settlements in interior forests and mountainous tracts. Their population according to 2011 census is 44,805. They speak their own dialect called ‘Kolami’.

Chenchus :

The food gathering and hunting tribe of Telangana constitute their traditional habitat the foot hills of Nallamalai spread in Mahabubnagar and Nalgonda Districts and also found in few villages of Ranga Reddy District of Telangana. Their population according to 2011 census is 16,912 and recognised as PvTG by Govt. of India in the year 1975-76.

Konda Reddi :

Konda Reddis inhabit on the banks situated on either side of the Godavari river and in the hilly/forest tracts Khammam district. Their population as per 2011 Census is 7,997. They are recognized as PvTGs by Govt of India in the year 1980.

Thoti :

Thotis are living in the districts of Adilabad, Karimnagar and Nizamabad of Telangana. According to 2001 census, their population is 4,811. Thotis are recognized as Primitive Tribal Group. They are recognized as PvTGs by Govt of India in the year 1983.


Tribal Sub Plan of Schedule Tribes of Telangana

  • After the formation of the new State of Telangana on the 2nd June,2014, the State Government has attached top-most priority for the development of Scheduled Tribe population in the State, which accounts for 9.08 percent of the total population (as per 2011 census), which is significantly higher compared to the percentage of 6.99 STs in the combined State of AP.
  • Many innovative schemes have been planned by the Departments concerned for the all-round development of tribal population in the State.
  • To improve the delivery mechanism of Government Welfare Schemes, it is proposed to convert Tribal Thandas into Gram Panchayats.
  • Many innovative schemes like kalyana lakshmi,Komaram Bheem memorial are being taken up.
  • As per the provisions of the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan Act, 2013, while preparing the Annual Plan for 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 necessary care has been taken to ensure earmarking of required funds for Scheduled Tribes Sub Plan.
  • Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes Special development fund (planning, allocation, utilization of financial resources) Act-2017 has been enacted by Telangana legislative in March-2017.
  • Strategy commenced from 1975 onwards by Government of India during 5th five year plan.
  • SCSP and TSP Act, 2013 (Act 1 of 2013) was enacted by the 11th Session of 13th Legislative Assembly which came into effect from 25.01.2013, envisaging equitable development and focus for STs living Scheduled Areas
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