Fishing of Telangana

Fishing of Telangana

Fisheries in India

  • Indian fisheries and aquaculture is an important sector of food production, providing nutritional security to the food basket, contributing to the agricultural exports and engaging about fourteen million people in different activities.
  • With diverse resources ranging from deep seas to lakes in the mountains and more than 10% of the global biodiversity in terms of fish and shellfish species, the country has shown continuous and sustained increments in fish production since independence.
  • Constituting about 6.3% of the global fish production, the sector contributes to 1.1% of the GDP and 5.15% of the agricultural GDP.
  • The total fish production of 10.07 million metric tonnes presently has nearly 65% contribution from the inland sector and nearly the same from culture fisheries.
  • Paradigm shifts in terms of increasing contributions from inland sector and further from aquaculture are significations over the years.
  • With high growth rates, the different facets of marine fisheries, coastal aquaculture, inland fisheries, freshwater aquaculture, coldwater fisheries to food, health, economy, exports, employment and tourism of the country.

Blue Revolution

  • There is a huge untapped potential in fisheries and aquaculture, which can contribute considerably to improve the livelihoods as also women empowerment.
  • The future development of aquaculture depends on adoption of new and innovative production technologies, management and utilization of less utilized water resources and proper market tie-ups.
  • Reservoir fisheries offer a major opportunity to enhance fish production in the country.
  • In the marine sector, while the coastal fisheries have been fully exploited, deep-sea fisheries resources are yet to be harnessed.
  • Diversification and high value produce will add new dimensions to this sector.
  • Proper post-harvest handling, reduction of losses and hygienic primary processing are important to realize full potentials of the sector.
  • Simultaneously, effective marketing arrangements are to be made to ensure adequate returns to the fishers and the farmers and also make available of good quality fish at affordable prices to the consumers.
  • With these in view, an end-to-end approach from ensuring proper input availability to efficient marketing is contemplated, for a ‘win-win’ situation for both the fish producer and the consumer.

Fishing of Telangana

  • Fisheries are one of the fast growing sectors generating income and employment.
  • The sector aims at exploitation of all the possible resources under capture and culture fishery base for increasing fish production and productivity through sustainable development.
  • The sector is contributing considerably for, food security, nutrition and health, lively hood security to rural population, and welfare of fishers.Fishing of Telangana

Resources of Fishing of Telangana

Natural resources: 

  • Inland resources: There are 78 reservoirs, and about 35031 perennial, long seasonal and short seasonal tanks with a water spread area of 5.87 Lakh hectares.
  • Pond culture: Area under pond culture is 781 ha.
Description No. Water Spread Area (in Lakh Ha.)
Large > 5000 ha 8 1.35
Medium 1000-5000 Ha 17 0.28
Small < 1000 ha 53 0.22
Total 78 1.85
 Perennial 438 0.38
Long Seasonal 3212 1.20
Short Seasonal Tanks 31381 2.43
Total 35031 4.01
Aqua culture ponds 474 781 (Ha.)
Rivers and canal


  5573 Km



  • The objective of Telangana State Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd, Hyderabad (TSFCOF) as spelt out in its bye-law is to carry out activities for promoting, procurement, processing and marketing of fish and fishery products for the total development (Economic, Social and Culture) of fishermen community.
  • The Telangana State Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd, Hyderabad was registered under APCS Act 1964 with registration no. 1/2015, dt: 25-02-2015.
  • This organization is an apex federation under the controle of Government of Telangana state.


  1. Fish marketing of fresh and dry by procuring from the societies
  2. Supply of inputs like Nets, Gears and Coracles
  3. Export of fish products
  4. Importing training to the Fishermen in innovative methods in Fisheries
  5. To act an agent of State Government agreeing to implement policies formulated by the State Government for the development of fishery wealth and fishermen.


There shall be 3 Classes of membership as Under:-

  1. ‘A’ Class open to Dist level Fishermen Cooperative Societies.
  2. ‘B’ class open to Government
  3. The primary Fisheries Coop-society may become nominal member to avail services from Federation, as associate member without voting rights.
  4. Every member shall hold at least one share.
  5. Any Society subject to byelaw No. 3(a) shall by a resolution of its Managing Committee send its President/Chairman as delegate to the Federation.


The Management of the Federation shall Vest in Board of Directors consisting of 5 members. The Managing Committee of the Federation shall consist of the following for a period of five years.

  1. 5 Directors representing ‘A’ Class share holders i.e Representatives of “A” Class Share holders shall elect the directors from among “A” Class members.
  2. One Director to. be nominated by N.C.D.C.
  3. Principal Secretary to Govt/ Secretary to the Government, Fisheries Department or his nominee.
  4. The Commissioner of Fisheries or his nominee.
  5. The Managing Director of the Federation shall be Ex-officio member of the Board.
  6. The Managing Director will be by appointment,
    1. The elected directors will elect president and Vice-President from among themselves.
    2. Any elected member of the Board may at any time resign from the office by sending a letter of resignation addressed to the Managing Director of the Federation. The resignation shall come into effect only after acceptance by the Committee. The vacancy caused on this account shall be filled up by cooption, by selecting a candidate from among similar category.

Government of Telangana, Fisheries Department


  • Optimal utilization of natural resources for fish production, promotes freshwater aquaculture, supported by infrastructure and trained manpower.


  1. Holistic development of the sector, with focus on enhancement of productivity and production
  2. Self sufficiency in fish seed demand
  3. Supply of fish at an affordable price in hygienic condition
  4. Render welfare schemes to fishers.

Details of schemes/programmes:

Developmental Schemes:

  • Leasing of water bodies to FCSs for the development of Fishing of Telangana.
  • Stocking of fish seed on 100% grant in reservoirs and tanks
  • Strengthening of Govt. fish seed farms
  • Establishment of fish markets in Gram Panchayats and Municipalities
  • Establishment of community halls
  • Installation of cages in water bodies
  • Subsidy for construction of fish/prawn ponds and inputs for 1st year
  • Organizing SHGs of fishermen/women and providing revolving fund

Welfare Schemes of Fishing of Telangana:

  • Group Accident Insurance scheme to fishermen and ex-gratia
  • Relief-cum-savings scheme
  • Assistance for construction of houses to fishermen

Extension programs of Fishing of Telangana:

  • Conducting awareness programmes to Fishermen /Fisherwomen/ Farmers /Ø entrepreneurs stake holders
  • Organizing capacity building programmes to field functionaries to transfer theØ knowledge to farmers/fishermen
  • Organizing field visits to educate the farmers/fishermen, Organizing stateØ /National level workshops, seminars in coordination with the other fisheries related organizations such as KVK, ATMA, NGOs.

Regulatory Activities of Fishing of Telangana:

  • Conservation and regulation of fisheries in reservoirs under licensing system.


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