Telangana planned development


Telangana planned development

The Government of Telangana is forging ahead for the realisation of ‘Bangaru Telangana’ by balancing the wheels of development through strengthening of service delivery, accountability, and demand in rural areas. The Government aims to leverage technology in building strong supervision and citizen accountability measures in light of the Telangana Panchayat Raj Act, 2018.

Planning department mainly deals with formulation of annual plans and five year plans, preparation of state plan budget and socio-economic survey report, reviewing and monitoring of plan schemes, evaluation of important schemes/ programmes .The department als​​o implements programmes like special development fund for welfare and developmental activities, constituency development programme (MLAs/MLCs), district innovation fund under 13th finance commission grants monitoring of flagship programmes of the Government of India, Twenty Point Programme, MPLAD, Integrated Action Plan for Left Wing Extremism districts.​


Urban development

Pattana Pragathi was launched by the Government in February 2020 to provide a strong foundation for better standards of living for the urban population, to make urban areas clean and green, and to provide better services to the urban public at large.

Pattana Pragathi was executed in three phases— the first of which focussed on developing urban utility infrastructure, the second on sanitation, and the third on both urban utility infrastructure as well as sanitation.

Powered by a strong leadership and armed with focused policies, the state is on the move steadily with a determination for holistic development of the region.
The state believes that urban development is the social, cultural, economic and physical development of cities, as well as the underlying causes of these processes. Cities and their development is a central topic in human geography, and the study of cities makes up the sub-discipline of city geography or urbanism. Physical development of cities especially infrastructure, real estate and affordable housing is on the top agenda of the state leadership.


  1. Wifi City!

The entire 700 square kilometres of Hyderabad city will be covered under Wi-Fi soon! Phase one was already started in Hitec city.

  1. World-Class Roads!

KCR plans a total of 1000 kilometers of World Class roads which would cost 10000 Crore. He also announced the installation of four Lakh LED lights replacing the existing street lights.

  1. Women’s Safety is prime!

Set Up 24-Hour Helpline for Women’s Safety – 181

  1. One Hitec City is just not enough!

Three Industrial Corridors are planned on the same scale as the existing Hitec City in Telangana

  1. Telangana Bidda in every Sport!

Telangana government plans to develop a ‘sports city’ around the Hyderabad and host top level tournaments to help in training sportspersons

  1. Hussain Sagar getting a makeover!

Telangana Government plans skyscrapers near Hussain Sagar Lake and has also allotted Rs.100 Cr for cleaning Hussain Saga

  1. Hyderabad Metro goes grand!

Telangana plans expanding Hyderabad Metro from 72 kms to 250 km

  1. Let’s fly!

The city of Hyderabad will have two more international airports at Shamirpet and Ghatkesar


  1. Porn-free!

Telangana State Government plans to block porn sites. Need more be said?

  1. Making it easy for the students!

Rs 271.5 crore towards reimbursement of fee under the Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana (FAST) scheme.

  1. IT all the way!

KTR, Telangana It Minister, promised 1 million jobs in next 5 years in the ICT industry

  1. Going Pharma!

Telangana allocates 11,000 acre land for a Mega Pharma city which is set to become the largest in the country.

  1. Nurturing nature!

Telangana Government plans to set up tribal, horticulture universities along with a cotton and silk hub.

  1. Sport streak doesn’t end!

KCR promises 11 cricket stadiums. One for each of the districts of Telangana.

  1. Celebrating the Hyderabad Way!

T-Chamber of Events was launched to make Hyderabad the ‘Events Capital’ soon. KCR also envisions 2024 Olympics in Hyderabad.

Government Initiatives

  • The Government provided credit support of Rs. 36.83 crore to 6,603 urban SHGs during the pandemic.
  • Recognising that households are less willing to spend resources on the health and nutrition of the female members, the Government, under National Urban Health Mission, has set up 7,531 Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS) in the Slum Level Federations of 42 Municipal bodies. Roughly, Rs. 1.4 crore were released for 2,929 MAS in 2020- 21.
  • The Telangana Police has taken several initiatives to ensure greater safety of women in public spaces. For example, 331 SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Teams in the state’s police departments monitor women safety in the ‘hotspot’ public areas.
  • The police has also taken a counselling approach towards those who harass women in public, and had offered counselling services to 27,396 culprits till December 2021.
  • Bharosa Support Centres have been established in most districts of the state to assist women who have faced violence within or outside their homes.
  • In July 2021, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) introduced a system of request stops for women and children. This facilitates the women travelling in buses after 7:30 pm to stop the bus at any point in the journey, instead of only at the bus stops designated for boarding and alighting from the bus. The system has been launched on a pilot basis on GHMC routes.


Problems In Development:­-


One of the major challenges faced by Telanganais that of sharing power and water resources.Telangana has two major rivers — Krishna and Godavari.
68.5 per cent catchment area of the Krishna river and 60 per cent of Godavari lie in Telangana. Major share of the water from these rivers is pumped into Rayalseema leading to shortage of water for irrigation in the Telangana belt. If a major share is provided to Telangana, every village can be assured of drinking water and irrigation facilities



Despite Hyderabad being a hub for education, the people of Telangana feel that they have been given a raw deal.
Late Professor Jayashankar, who was the vice chancellor of the Kakatiya University, had in a paper stated that it was assured at the time Andhra Pradesh was formed that the levels of disparity in the field of education would be removed entirely.
today, the literacy rate in Telangana continues to be the lowest.


Industrial growth

While Hyderabad has boomed with development, the same cannot be said about the rest of Telangana. The focus has been more towards Kadapa, Vishakapatanam, Vijaywada and Nellore. There were many industries that were set up during the period of the Nizam, but over the years, people allege, successive governments closed all of them down one by one.



Salaried workers make up the largest worker category in urban areas, at 55.1%, and account for 10.4% of rural workers in the state. Data from PLFS 2019-20 suggests that the average salaried person earns 58.3% more in urban areas than in rural areas, with women in urban areas earning more than double their rural counterparts in a month.


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