Rajasthan : Rivers of Rajasthan and Drainage Basins




Rajasthan : Rivers of Rajasthan and Drainage Basins


Location of the great Indian watershed and the existence of the Aravalli axisgreatly influence the drainage system of Rajasthan. The drainage to the Bay of Bengaland the Arabian Sea gets divide due to the Great Indian watershed which runs alongthe Aravalli axis from the Sambhar Lake southward to Ajmer .  From herebefore proceeding towards the southwest of Udaipur city the line runs to southwest, afew kilometers east of Beawar and to Deogarh and Kumbhalgarh further extending toin the west, past Udaisagar and runs to southeast to Bari Sadri, from Choti Sadri to Pratapgarh.



Rajasthan : Sources of Irrigation and Mazor irrigation projects

1 Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project Banswara Multipurpose
2 Som Kamla Amba Irrigation Project Udaipur irrigation
3 Rajsamand Irrigation Project Rajsamand Multipurpose
4 Jakham Irrigation Project Pratapgarh Irrigartion
5 Meja Dam Irrigation Project Bhilwara Kothari river
6 Jaisamand Irrigation Project Udaipur Gomti
7 Haro Tank Mahi Project Ghatol Haro
8 Jawai Irrigation Project Sumerpur Jawai
9 Sardar Samand Irrigation Project Pali Sukri
10 Jawahar Sagar Dam Project Kota Chambal
11 Rana Pratap Sagar Dam Rawatbhata Chambal
12 Kota Barrage Kota Chambal
13 Gudha Project Hindoli  
14 Kalisindh Major Multi Purpose Irrigation Project Jalarpatan,Jhalawar  
15 Irrigation Project Galwa Tonk Galwa
16 Parbati Irrigation Project Dholpur Parbati
17 Chhaperwara Irrigation Project Dudu,Jaipur Banas
18 Kalakh Irrigation Project Phulera,Jaipur  
19 Ramgarh Dam Ramgarh,Jaipur Benganga
20 Bisalpur Project Devli,Tonk Banas
21 Morel Major Irrigation Project Sawai Madhepur Morel


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