Economy- RAS/RTS Mains Topic wise Solved Question Papers

Guess Papers:-

  1. Universal Banking
  2. Repo Market
  3. Social Audit
  4. Stagflation.
  5. Inclusive growth
  6. Public Distribution System
  7. Disinvestment
  8. Primary Deficit
  9. Green field Investment
  10. Crisis of Balance of payment
  11. Trade facilitaition agreement
  12. What changes done in GDP calculation recently and how it affects GDP .
  13. Write short note on relation between WTO and India.
  14. Rashtriya Avishkar abhiyan
  15. Write short note on Sen W/s Bhagwati disputes.
  16. Payment Bank
  17. What is function of NITI aayog and How it is difference from Planning commission
  18. Recently FMC merged in SEBI How you seen this.
  19. Describe the targets of 12 five year plan of Rajasthan
  20. Write the Advantage of direct benefit transfer
  21. What is the salient feature of proposed GST Bill
  22. What changes want to do government in land acquisition bill but not success how it affect Indian economy.
  23. Differentiate between a company and a corporation.
  24. Industrial sickness
  25. Renminbi
  26. Cascading effect
  27. M 3 (Money Supply)
  28. What are the factors responsibel for localisitim of Industries in India.
  29. India’s SEZ policy has not been as successful as that of china. Why?



1-Green Accounting.2010 2

2-Millennium Development Goals.2010 2

3- BRIC Nations.2010 2

4- Prashant Chandra Mahalnobis.2010 2

5- What is Global Business Competitive Index?2010 4

6- What is difference between Cash Reserve Ratio and Statuary Liquidity Ratio? How are they usefull in control of inflation?2010 4

7-Explain the plastic money.2010 4

8- What are the indicators for identification of  ‘ Below Poverty Line’ (BPL) families?2010 6

9- Discuss the advantages of the proposed ‘ Goods and Service Tax’.2010 6


10- Future Trading 2007 2

11- Explain the Special Economic Zone 2007. 4

12- What are the main reasons of inflation ? Analyse them especially in the present Indian Prespective and discuss with sugessions 2007. 6


13- Value Added Tax.2003   2

14- What do you understand by trade related  “ Intellectual Property Rights” . What will be its impact on Indian Trade.2003 6


15- What is Ecomarc.2001 4

16- Explain the use of small and cottage industries in Indian economy.2001 6


17-Explain TRYSEM.1999 4

18- Define the integrated rural development programme and its functions.1999 6


19- Credit Squeeze.1997 4


20- Industrial Financial Institutions of India. (any four) . 1996 4


21- Small scale industries. 1994 2

22- Economic Liberalization in India.1994 4

23- P.S.U. Disinvestment.1994 4


24- Mixed Economy.1991 4



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