RAS/RTS Pre Examination 2008 Solved Question Paper

RAS/RTS Pre Examination 2008 Solved Question Paper for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science(GS) conducted  by Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC), Ajmer. Here is RAS Pre 2008 GK, GS Paper 1 Solutions, Full Question Paper, Answer Key of RAS Pre Examination 2008 . For Results, Cut-Off Marks, Subject Papers.Detailed solutions are provided by Rasfreenotes.in Team for complete program click here

1. Minamata disease is caused by:
A. Mercury
B. Cadmium
C. Lead
D. Zinc Ans: A
2. Govt. of rajasthan has constituted one organization to advise the govt. on reforms in economic matters is:
A. Economic policy and reform counsel B. Reform committee on economic policy C. Council for economic reforms
D. Economic advisory committee: Ans: A
3. Under which article of Indian constitution, it is the duty of the Union govt. to protect states against external aggression and internal disturbance:
A. 355 B. 356 C. 352 D. 360 Ans: A
4. Which one of the following group of organism has significance in diagnosing the death by drowning:
A. Lichens B. Protozoa
C. Cyanobacteria D. Diatoms
5. Heavy rainfall in pushkar, where does the flood occurs:
A. Ajmer
B. Sawaimadhopur C. Balotara
D. Sojat Ans: C
6. On a specific day and time temp. was 48 degree C in churu and 24 C in Shimla, Two metallic cups identical in all respects contained water at 95 degree C in churu and 71 Degree in shimla. Which one of these two cups reached room temp. first:
A. Cup in Churu B. Cup in shimla
C. Both reached room temp. at same time D. Data are not enough to find out results Ans: C
7. Who won the Booker Prize 2008:
A. Arvind adiga B. Aruna Roy
C. Rajendra Singh D. Megha Patekar Ans: A
8. The first woman four star genera in US military is:
Ans: Anne Dun Woody
9. Which one of the following acid is formed during the change of milk into curd
A. Acetic acid
B. Ascorbic Acid C. Citric Acid
D. Lactic Acid Ans: D
10. What is the height of Guru shikar peak in Rajasthan
A. 1722 B. 1724 C. 1750
D 1780 Meter
Ans: A (1722 Meters)
11. Kharia, Raswani, Shibhala and Udisbhar are:
A. Wines
B. Kuchamani Khyal actors C. Villages in Barmer
D. Kota doriya sarees type Ans: C
12. “Archaeopteryx” is connecting link between:
A. Amphibia and aves B. Reptiles and aves
C. Reptiles and Mammals D. Aves and Mammals Ans: B
13. CIMMCO is:
Ans: CIMMCO wagon factory restarted in Bharatpur after 8 Years
14. Port Pradeep is located at: A. Kerala
B. West Bengal C. Karnataka D. Orissa
Ans: D
15. Mangla-Bhagyam, Shakti and Aishwarya is:
A. Plans for SC/ST Girls B. Oil Discoveries
C. Universities in Pvt. Sector
D. Natural gas units Ans: B
16. Among the crafts that have been shortlisted by National Institute of Design for geographical indicator status is:
Ans: Jaipur for Blue pottery and Udaipur for Clay work
17. Pearl is mainly constituted of: A. Calcium carbonate
B. Calcium Sulphate C. Calcium Oxalate d. Calcium Oxide Ans: A
18. FINGER LAKE REGION is located at: A. USA
B. Australia C. Austria D. UK
Ans: A
19. Major flood in Kawas, Barmer occur in: A. 2005
B. 2006 C. 2007 D. 2008 Ans: B
20. Which Scent has Headquarter in Shahpura, Bhilwara
A. Dadu B. Vallabh
C. Nimbark D. Ramsnehi Ans: D
21. Author of Ashtadhyayi is: A. Varahmihir
B. Kalidas C. Panini D. Balram Ans: A
22. Adamya Chetna trust, Havells India LTD, Hindustan Zinc, DSCL Kota is related to:
A. Production of Handicraft and Industrial goods
B. Mid day meal programme
C. Infrastructure Development in Rajasthan D. SEZ in rajasthan
Ans: B
23. The whole dispute between Subhas chandra bose and Right wing, after theTripuri session of congress centers around to the question of:
A. Formation of congress working comittee B. Policy towards princely states
C. Attitute towards central govt.
D. Double membership of Socialist party workers
Ans: A
24. Rajasthan Born Industrialist Help CM Raman for Research with Rs. 22000 in 1920 was:
A. Purshotam das bajaj B. Jamshedji tata
C. Mangiram Bangur D. Ghanshyam das birla Ans: D
25. Author of ANDHAYUG is: A. Ramdhari singh Dinkar
B. Mahaveer prasad Diwedi C. Dharam veer Bharti
D. Mohan Rakesh Ans: C
26. UN General Assembly President is: A. Hib Major
B. Miguel D’Escoto C. J. Chirac
D. Jian Zemin Ans: B
rasfreenotes.in Tips: Current President is Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar
27. Atlas Mountains are situated in: A. Asia
B. Africa C. Australia D. Europe Ans: B
28. Per capita income at current Price in Rajasthan during 2007-2008 is about:
A. 20000 B. 22000 C 24000 D 18000 Ans: B
29. Nawalgarh(Sikar) was in news because of:
Ans: The Govt. has taken responsibility to provide the land to cement manufacturer.
30. Which one of the following changes occuer when salt is added in water:
Ans: Boiling point is increased while freezing point is decreased.
31. When a person enters in a dark room from strong linght area he is not able to see clearly for some time. later he gradually begins to see things. this is because:
A. Change in the size of Pupil.
32. Exclude which is not correct:
Ans: Bureau of investment promotion is an agency for promotion of small scale industry projects.
33. The art style which combines indian and greek feature is called:
A. Sikhar B. Verra
C. Gandhar D. Nagar Ans: C
34. First DNA Bank of asia is established at: A. Jaipur
B. Kota
C. Chennai D. Lucknow
35. Raika’s in rajasthan are: A. Traditional Hourse breeders B. Traditional Camel Breeders
C. Used to sell goods from village to village D. Salt traders
Ans: B
36. First session of Rajputana-Madhyabharat Sabha was held at:
A. Delhi B. Ajmer C. Indore D. Udaipur Ans: A
37. Author of “The audacity of Hope” is: A. Nayan tara sehgal
B. Salman rushdie C. Vikram seth
D. Barack Obama Ans: D
38. RIDCOR Stands for:
Ans: Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan.
39. Inscription which through light on writing of Maharana Kumba is:
Ans: Kirtistambha Prashasti 1460
40. Gyan Peetha award on 6th Nov 2008 given to:
A. Vinit Narayan B. Rehman Rahi C. Kamleshwar
D. Gyan Chaturvedi Ans: B
41. For which desirable character the transgenic Crop “GOLDEN RICE” is produced:
A. Vitamin A B. Amino acid C. Insulin
D. Starch Ans: A
42. World’s youngest king belongs to: A. Saudi arebia
B. Japan C. Bhutan
D. Thailand Ans: C
43. mammoth is the ancestor of: A. Dog
B. Horse C. Camel
D. Elephant
44. Which district produced largest ISABGOL:
A. Jhalawar B. Jalore
C. Sirohi D. Bundi Ans: B
45. “Lasodia Movement was launched by: A. Mavji
B. Govind giri C. Surmal das
D. Motilal Tejawat Ans: C
46. Chairmen of ISRO is: A. KS Kasturirangan
B. Abdul Kalam C. Madhavan Nair D. KM Bhandari Ans: C
rasfreenotes.in Tips: Current ISRO Chairmen is K. Radhakrishnan
47. Most stable ecosystem is: A. Forest
B. Grassland C. Desert
D. Marine
Ans: D
48. Which tree is called “Flame of Forest in rajasthan”
A. Khejri B. Neem C. Palas
D. Paras peepul Ans: C
49. Which city is called Suncity: A. Jaipur
B. Jodhpur C. Bikaner D. Jaisalmer Ans: B
50. Common thing among arya samaj, Brahm Samaj and Ramkrishan mission is: Ans:None of these three had a political mission but they helped to develop a spirit of patriotism
51. Incorrect about NREGA:
Ans: This act specifies the individuals works but only for the SC and ST below poverty line. 52. Mahajanpad situated on bank of river godawari was:
A. Avanti B. Vatsa C. Assaka
D. Kamboja
53. Nethra-ki-pal is known for mineral: A. Iron ore
B. Copper
C. Lead and Zinc D. Manganese Ans: A
54. Bull-Seal of Indus valley civilization was found at:
A. Harappa
B. Chanhudaro C. Lothal
D. Mohenjodaro Ans:A
55. Incorrect about Inflation:
Ans: Fr some commodities retain prices are also considered for measurement of Inflation 56. District with least population density in rajasthan:
A. Bikaner B. Barmer C. Jaisalmer D. Jodhpur
Ans: C
57. Bio-Magnification means:
Ans: Increasing the amount of pesticides in the organisms of successive tropic level.
58. CHANDRAYAN-I was lauched from: A. Orissa
B. Tamilnadu C. Karnataka D. AP
Ans: D
59. By which process Alum cleans the muddy water:
A. Absorption B. Adsorption C. Coagulation D. Dialysis Ans: C
61. Handloom mark shows the standard of: A. Handloom cloths
B. Craft works
C. Hand embroidery
D. Hand Block printing Ans: A
62. Which country has signed an agreement on Civil nuclear cooperation with India in sept. 2008:
A. Australia B. Japan
C. Brazil D. France Ans: D
63. Who was appointed the president of South africa after resignation of Thabo Mbeki:
Ans: Kglea Motlanthe
64. Desert development programme was started in rajasthan:
A. 1960-61 B. 1977-78 C. 1982-82 D. 1994-95 Ans: B
65. Which pair is matching: Ans: Masuria Dori – Kota
66. Under whose command marwari forces was sent to support sanga against Babar:
A. Rao ganga B. Maldeo
C. Biram Deo D. Suja
Ans: B
67. The Hot spot of biodiversity in india: Ans: Eastern Himalaya and Western Ghat
68. Who has been chosen for Bharat Ratna: A. Devanand
B. Pandit Bhimsen Jodhi C. Kanshi Ram
D. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
69. Mahakma Baquit was used for:
Ans: Charge the revenue arearers in good harvest year
71. Generally Coral reefs are found at:
Ans: Between tropics of Cancer and Capricorn coastal areas.
72. Which one of following is used for synthesis of Polythene:
A. Methan B. Ethane C. Propane D. Butane Ans: B
73. A Bird eye review of macro economic development under various programmes launched by the state govt. in rajasthan is availabe in:
Ans: Economic Review
74. How many Million plus cities india have (CENSUS 2001)
A. 39 B. 49 C. 29 D. 59 Ans: A
75. National water development agency was established in year:
A. 1969 B. 1970 C. 1980 D. 1990 Ans: C
76. Author of Nyaya darshan was: A. Gautam
B. Kanad C. Kapil
D. Badrayan Ans: A
77. KANDHAMAL is part of: A. Orissa
B. Rajasthan C. Maharashtra
D. Gujarat Ans: A
78. Indian PM elected RS MP from: A. Punjab
B. Assam C. Haryana D. Gujarat Ans: B
79. In which province Muslim league formed govt. after 1946 election:
A. Bengal
B. North east frontier C. Punjab
D. Bihar Ans: A
80. Which city is known as Menchaster of rajasthan:
A. Kota
B. Udaipur C. Pali
D. Bhilwara Ans: D
81. Pheromones are found in: A. Insects
B. Snakes C. Birds D. Bats Ans: A
82. Which is not part of seven sisters: A. Meghalaya
B. West bengal
C. Arunachal Pradesh D. Tripura
Ans: B
83. Main function of colonisation in rajasthan is to:
A. Provide residential plots B. Acquire land by govt.
C. provide irrigation facility D. Allot land
84. Who is governor of West Bengal: A. Gopal Gandhi
B. Shiv charan mathur C. Surjit singh barnala D. Nawal kishore sharma Ans: A
85. Which act intriduced DYARCHY at the center:
A. Act of 1909
B. Govt of India, ACT 1919
C. Govt of India, ACT 1935 D. Govt of Indai, ACT 1947 Ans: C
86. Symbol of world wild life is: A. Polar bear
B. White bear C. Red panda D. Cheeta Ans: C
88. In which direction Monsoon rainfall in rajasthan increases
A. Southwest-northeast B. Southeast-Northwest C. Northwest-Southeast
89.Dhawadiya were the persons:
Ans: Who used to participate in the race.
90. By which process the sea water can be converted into pure water:
A. Deliquescence B. Efflorescence
C. Electric separation D. Reverse Osmosis Ans: D
91. Jal durg is situated at: A. Ajmer
B. Aamer C. Siwana
D. Gangron
92. Azolla-Anabaena Bio-fertilizer is used for crop:
A. Wheat B. Rice
C. Mustard
93. “Bani Thani” Painting is related to:
A. Bundi school
B. Kishangarh School C. Chavand school
D.Jaipur School
94. Which group of district has highest forest area:
A. Baran-udaipur, chittorgarh B. Bharatpur, jhalawar,kota C. Karauli, sirohi, dungarpur
D. Banswara,dholpur,rajsamand
Ans: A
95. Which statement is false:
Ans: The Blue wave scattered more than violet wave of light so that the sky appears blue.
96. Maximum production of KHAS comes from:
A. Sawaimadhopur, tonk, bharatpur B. Ganganagar, dausa, alawar
C. Jhalawar, Kota-Bundi
D. Dungarpur-Banswara-Udaipur
Ans: A
97. Who represented Congress in 2nd Round table conference:
A. Jawaharlal nehru B. Motilal nehru
C. Abdul kalam azad D. Mahatma gandhi
Ans: D
98. Author of “VANSA BHASKAR”:
A. Bankidas
B. Gauri shankar ojha C. Shyamaldas
D. Surajmal Mishran
Ans: D
99. “MAITRI EXPRESS” train is introduced between:
A. Kolkata and dhaka B. Amritsar and lahore C. Delhi and srinagar
D. Lucknow and kathmandu
Ans: A
100. Baxa tiger project is located at:
B. Rajasthan C. Gujarat
D. West bengal Ans: D

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