RAS/RTS Pre Examination 2003 Solved Question Paper

RAS/RTS Pre Examination 2003 Solved Question Paper for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science(GS) conducted  by Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC), Ajmer. Here is RAS Pre 2003 GK, GS Paper 1 Solutions, Full Question Paper, Answer Key of RAS Pre Examination 2003 . For Results, Cut-Off Marks, Subject Papers.Detailed solutions are provided by Rasfreenotes.in Team for complete program click here

1. The Area of Rajasthan is about: a. 2.8 Lakh Square Km.
b. 3.4 Lakh Square Km. c. 4.5 Lakh Square Km. d. 5.7 Lakh Square Km. ANS: 3.4 Lakh Square Km.
2. What Fraction of Rajasthan’s land area is desert
a. 1/4 b. 1/3 c. 1/2 d. 2/3 ANS: 2/3
3. For which of the following mineral Rajasthan has a monopoly in the country a. Lead-Zinc
c. Manganese d. Copper Ans: Lead-Zinc
4. In which region of rajasthan is coper mined
a. Bhilwara b. Nagaur c. Khetri
d. Neemla Ans: Khetri
5. In which region of Rajasthan will you find Teak(SAGWAN) forest
a. Central b. South
c. North Eastern d. North western Ans: South
6. Which of the following rivers supplies Maximum water to rajasthan
a. Chambal b. Banas
c. Mahi
d. Sabarmat ANS: Chambal
7. In which of the following cities in rajasthan is its atomic power plant is situated. a. Udaipur
b. Kota
c. Bansawara d. Alwar
Ans: Kota (Rawatbhata city)

8. In which district of Rajasthan large reserve of natural gas have been discovered. a. Jaisalmer
b. Dholpur
c. Banswara d. Bikaner Ans: Jaisalmer
9. Rajasthan is single largest producer in country of
a. Balrley b. Maize c. Gram d. Millet
Ans: Millet (BAJRA)
10. Which of the following cities is the biggest producer of Cement in Rajasthan a. Jodhpur
b. Jaipur
c. Chittorgarh d. Nagaur Ans: Chittorgarh
11. The aim of “Apna gaon-Apna Kam” Scheme is:
a. To provide Clean water and its management in village
b. To remove poverty by creating employment for everyone in village
c. To create awareness about health and family planning
d. To make everyone literate in village Ans: B
12. Which of the following cities in rajasthan has a agriculture university.
a. Udaipur b. Jaipur
c. Bikaner d. Tonk
Ans: C. Bikaner Tips: This question is always confusing as Bikaner and Udaipur bith have agiculture universities: Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur & Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner, But we prefer Bikaner as Answer.
13. The Maharan Pratap Award is giver for excellence in:
a. Science and technology b. Sports
c. Social works
d. Performance Arts Ans: Sports
14. The aim of UNFPA project in rajasthan is concerned with:
a. Woman health and family planning b. Arid zone farming
c. Adult education d. Uplift of tribals
Ans: A. WOmans health and family planning
15. Which city in Rajasthan is part of the NCR(National capital region)
a. Alwar b. Karauli
c. Jhunjhunu d. Pilani Ans: A. Alwar
16. In rajasthan which of the following is largest producer of wheat
a. Udaipur b. Jaisalmer
c. Sri ganganagar d. Jodhpur
Ans: Sri ganganagar
17. Which of the following semi-precious stone in rajasthan is mined in largest quantities:
a. Saphire (NEELAM) b. Ruby (MANIK)
c. Torquoise (FIROZA)
d. Agate (SULEMANI PATTAR) Ans: Ruby
18. In addition to kota and banswara, in which other city is the Tasar Vikas Programme is being Run:
a. Jaipur b. Udaipur c. Jodhpur d. Ajmer Ans: Udaipur

19. Which NH goes from Punjab to gujrat through Rajasthan passing by Bikaner and Jaisalmer
a. NH 8 b. NH 10 c. NH 11 d. NH 15 Ans: NH 15
Tips: NH 15 passes through Pathankot, Amritsar, Tarn Taran Sahib, Zira, Kotkapura, Bhatinda, Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Barmer. At Bikaner the National Highway 11 terminates on this Highway.
20. Where in Rajasthan is famous enamel Jewellery(MENAKARI GAHANE) made: a. Jaipur
b. Jodhpur c. Udaipur d. Bharatpur Ans: Jaipur
21. When beam of Red, blue and green light falls on the sam spot, the color of light becomes:
a. Violet
b. Red
c. Yellow d. White Ans: D. White
22. The atomic nucleus was discovered by a. Rutherford
b. Dalton c. Einstein
d. Thompson Ans: A. Rutherford
23. Which of the following diseases antibiotics cannot cure:
a. Leprosy (KUSTH) b. TETANUS
c. Measles(KHASRA) d. Cholera(HAIZA) Ans: C. Measles
24. Which harmone when secreted increases heart beat and produces a feeling of excitement
d. TESTOSTERONE Ans: C. Adernalin
25. Which of the following quantities is measured on Ritcher scale
a. Speed of glacier b. Population growth
c. Intensity of an earthquake d. Temerature inside the earth
26. Which organ of human body does the disease Alzheimer affect
a. The ear b. Brain
c. Eye
d. Stomach Ans: Brain
27. What is the decibel level of sound produced by two person in conversation a. About 5 DB
b. About 10 db c. About 30 db d. About 100 db Ans: C 30 Db
28. The branch of physics that deals with the motion of a very small particles is called:
a. Field theory
b. Particle physics
c. Quantum mechanics d. Atomic physics
Ans: C Quanum mechanics.
29. How many units of electricity will be consumed if you use a 60 watt electric bulb for 5 Hour everday for 30 days:
a. 12 b. 9 c. 6 d. 3
Ans: B 9 TIPS: One Unit=1000 Watt. So total consumption is 60*5*30= 9000 Watt OR 9 Units
30. Which of the following statement is correct about clone of an organism:
a. A clone has characteristics of both its parents
b. A clone is produced asexually
c. Identical twins are clones of an organism d. Two clones of an organism may not be identical.
Ans: B
31. Deficiency of which vitamin can cause night blindness:
a. B b. K c. A d. D
Ans: c. Vitamin A
32. Which of the following food provide the nutrient for the growth of new tissues in Human body:
a. Fruit
b. Vegetables c. Cheese
d. Sweets Ans: C. Cheese
33. Which of the following groups of living beings belongs to the same species?
a. Chinese, American and black African b. Tiger, lions and cat
c. Pigeons, doves and partridges d. Lizards, crocodiles and snakes. Ans: A
34. Amount of which of the following components in air does not change in the process of respiration
a. Carbon dioxide (CO2) b. Oxygen
c. Water vapors d. Nitrogen
Ans: D
35. Which of the following is an example of chemical change:
a. Splitting of white light into seven colors as it passes through a prism.
b. Vegetables becoming tender on cooking c. Clay becoming brittle as it dries
d. Slat dissolving in water Ans: B
36. Which of the following is the largest air pollutant:
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Carbon monioxide c. Sulphur oxides
d. Hydrocarbons Ans: Carbon monoxide
37. Approximately how many different chemical elements exist on the earch
a. 300 b. 250 c. 200 d. 100 Ans: D
38. In binary code the number 7 is written as: a. 110
b. 111 c. 101 d. 100 Ans: B
39. The CD in computer stands for: a. Compact disk
b. Compressed disk c. Computerized disk d. Compressed data Ans: A
40. In which field of science will you learn about “white dwarf”
a. Astronomy b. Agriculture c. Genetics
d. Anthropology Ans: A
41. Forest of “Sub-Tropical” found in state; a. Kerala
b. MP
c. Tamilnadu d. Karnataka Ans: B. MP
42. Approx. what % of Indian population is urban:
a. 36 b. 27 c. 20 d. 14 Ans: 27
43. The oldest mountain range in india is: a. Arawali
b. Vindhya c. Satpura d. Himalaya Ans: A
44. According to the saka year, the period between 22 June and 23 July is the month of: a. Ashadha
b. Bhadra c. Chaitra d. Pausha Ans: Ashadha
45. Percentage of hindi speaking Indians is about:
a. 50 b. 45 c. 40 d. 35
Ans: C 40 Tips: more precisely approx. 42% people speak hindi while 12% speak Bengali(2nd)
46. The largest producer of food grains in country is:
a. Punjab b. UP
c. Bihar d. MP Ans: B (UP)
47. According to data obtained from satellite survey, what % of india’s area is forest:
a. 32 b. 28 c. 19 d. 15
Ans: C 19%
48. Which of the following states has the lowest female per 1000 male ratio
a. Haryana b. Punjab
c. Rajasthan d. J&k
Ans: A. Haryana
49. The second largest city of rajasthan is: a. Ajmer
b. Udaipur c. Jodhpur d. Jaisalmer Ans: C
50. In which part of rajasthan is the vindhya plateau extension?
a. North east b. South east c. South
d. South west Ans: B. South-east
51. Which of the following city in rajasthan is the closest to Pakistan border:
a. Bikaner b. Jaisalmer c. Ganganer
d. Hanumangarh Ans: C,
52. Around a city of rajasthan a yellow stone is quarried which is also named after the city is:
a. Jaisalmer b. Kota
c. Makrana d. Jodhpur Ans: A
53. Which region of rajasthan is likely to be benefit from the indira gandhi canal
a. North-western b. Southern
c. South-western d. Whole rajasthan Ans: A
54. Rajasthan is one of lndia’s largest producer of:
a. Granite b. Cotton c. Wool d. Spices Ans: C. Wool
55. The number of permanent member oof UN Security counsil is:
a. 6 b. 5 c. 4 d. 3 Ans: B.5
56. After UP which of the following state in the country has highest population:
a. Maharashtra b. Bihar
c. West Bengal
d. Andhra Pradesh
57. The largest producer of banana in world is:
a. Columbia b. Zimbabwe c. Malaysia d. India
Ans: B (Zimbabwe)
58. The language spoken by the second largest no. of people in the world is:
a. Hindi b. Spanish c. English
d. Chinese,mandarin
Ans: B Hindi TIPS: Chinese is highest speaking language in world.
59. In which year did the USSR become Russia
a. 1989 b. 1990 c. 1991
d. 1992 Ans: C 1991
60. Accoring tto the world bank, the world’s population is:
a. 7 billion b. 6.5 billion c. 6 billion d. 5.5 billion Ans: C
61. To which state does the folk art form of madhubani belongs:
a. Bihar
b. West Bengal c. Bihar
d. Rajasthan Ans: A. Bihar
62. To which part of india did the poet Iqbal, who wrote “Sare jahan se accha” belong
a. Delhi b. Up
c. Punjab d. Hydrabad Ans: C. Punjab
63. In which month is the famous pushkar fair in rajasthan held
a. October b. February c. November d. March
Ans: C November
64. Where is the national School of Design situated:
a. Pune b. Delhi
c. Bangalore d. Ahmedabad
Ans: D. Ahmedabad
65. In which field is the swarna kamal award given:
a. Literature b. Cinema
c. Classical music d. Theatre
66. The pichwai paintings depict scenes from:
a. Mahabharat b. Ramayana
c. Life of lord krishan d. Lives of rajpur kings
67. The mystic poet mira bai was:
a. Rajput noble woman who never married b. From a gujarati royal family married to rajput
c. The daughter of a priest from MP
d. One fo the wives of rajpur rular Ans: D
68. The largest tribal population in rajasthan is that of:
a. Bhils b. Meenas
c. Saharias
d. Gadulia lohars Ans: B
69. The sufi saint khwaja moinuddin chisti cam to rajasthan during the reeigen of:
a. Maharana pratap b. Rana sanga
c. Rana kumbha
d. Prithviraj chauhan Ans: D
70. Initially the chief center of rajasthan school of paintings was at:
a. Bikaner b. Jaipur c. Bundi
d. Jaisalmer Ans: A
71. The geographical area of rajputana was renamed as rajasthan on:
a. 15 AUG. 1947
b. 25 MARCH 1948 c. 31 MARCH 1949 d. 1 NOV. 1956 Ans: D
72. The clan of rajputs who ruled the princely state of jaipur was:
a. Sisodias
b. Kachhawahas c. Rathors
d. Hadas Ans: B
73. Bishnois of rajasthan is follower of which of the following folk gods
a. Harbhuji b. Mehaji
c. Jambhoji d. Pabuji Ans: C
74. In which year Jana gana mana adopted as the national anthem of India:
a. 1948 b. 1949 c. 1950 d. 1951 Ans: C
75. Which historical monuments in delhi is a synthesis f Persian and Indian style of architectures:
a. Qutub minar
b. Lodi tomb
c. Humayun tomb d. Red fort
Ans: C
76. William dalrymples book “City of Djinns” is about which Indian city
a. Delhi b. Kolkata
c. Varanasi d. Agra Ans: A
77. According to british film institute survey 2002 which Indian film was listed as the most popular film:
a. Devdas
b. Mother india c. Sholay
d. Mugal-e-aajam Ans: B
78. The craft of the famous blue pottery in rajasthan originated from:
a. Kashmir b. Persia
c. Afganistan d. Sindh
Ans: B
79. Which town in rajasthan is well known for the traditional craft of block printing(BEL-BUTO KI CHAPAI) of delicate floral motifs: a. Jaipur
b. Bagru
c. Sanganer d. Barmer Ans: Sanganer
80. About which Indian city in rajasthan is said that “Legs of stone alone can take you there”:
a. Chittor b. Jaisalmer c. Udaipur d. Jodhpur Ans: B
81. The tenth five year plan will end in year: a. 2005
b. 2006 c. 2007 d. 2008 Ans: C
82. In which Indian state is female literacy lowest
a. Bihar
b. Rajasthan c. Orrisa
d. J&k Ans: A
83. Which Indian state has the largest forest cover are:
a. MP
b. West Bengal c. Kerala
d. Assam Ans: A.
84. The name “NARODA PATIA” is associated with:
a. Narmada bachao andolan b. Gujarat riots
c. Orrisa famine
d. Naxalite movement Ans: B
85. By which name/names is our county mentioned in the constitution:
a. Bharat and India b. Bharat only
c. Hindustan and india
d. Bharat, Hindustan and India Ans: A
86. Who was abu nidal
a. A member of al-quida b. A palestinain militant
c. A minister in Taliban govt. d. An Egyptian terrorist
Ans: B
87. Where is the next cricket world cupt held: a. Australia
b. West indies c. New Zealand d. England
88. The growth in GDP in year 200-02 compared with the tenth plan target has been: a. Above expectations
b. As expected
c. A little below expectation but satisfactory
d. About half of what expected. Ans: C
89. According to official estimate the percentage of Indian population living below poverty line is about:
a. 18 b. 26 c. 29 d. 31 Ans: 26
90. Which of the following is not a fundamental right granted by the Indian constitution to the citizen:
a. Right to settle in any part of country b. Right to gender equality
c. Right to information
d. Right against exploitation
Ans: C
91. How many Lok sabha seat rajasthan has: a. 27
b. 26 c. 25 d. 24 Ans: C
92. The official legal adviser to the state govt. is:
a. The chief justice
b. The attorney general c. Advocate general
d. A bench of high court Ans: C
93. In which year Jharkhand state was formerd:
a. 1998 b. 1999 c. 2000 d. 2001 Ans: C
94. In Indian navy the equivalent of the army lieutenant commander:
a. Commodore b. Captain
c. Commander d. Lt. commander Ans: C
95. Where is the “Tata institute of fundamental research situated:
a. Bangalore b. Kolkata
c. Delhi d. Mumbai Ans: D
96. Which Indian state has the first woman CM:
a. Up b. Bihar
c. Tamilnadu d. Delhi
Ans: A
97. Which of the following Vice president was not appointed as President:
a. Justice mohd. Hidayatullah b. R.venkatraman
c. Krishna kant
d. Dr. zakir hussain Ans: C
98. The 2002 national award for the best film was given to:
a. Lagan b. Mitr
c. Dweepa
d. Chandni bar
Ans: C
99. The governer of india table of precedence which of the following comes above the chief justice of india:
a. Attorney general of india b. Former presidents
c. Chief of staffs
d. Speaker of lok sabha Ans: B
100. Mr.LK Adwani was appointed Deputy PM of india in:
a. Feb 2002 b. March 2002 c. May 2002 d. June 2002 Ans: D

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