Eradication of Social and religious wrongs

Eradication of Social and religious wrongs

Social and Religious Issues

  • Social issues (also social problem, social evil, and social conflict) refers to any undesirable condition that is opposed either by the whole society or by a section of the society. It is an unwanted social condition, often objectionable, the continuance of which is harmful for the society.
  • India is facing a large number of social issues such as caste system, child labour, illiteracy, gender inequality, superstitions, religious conflicts, and many more. It is high time that the society gets relief from these undesirable social evils.
  • Major Social Issues:
  1. Caste system
  2. Poverty
  3. Child labour
  4. Child marriage
  5. Illiteracy
  6. Low status of women
  7. Gender inequality at work
  8. Dowry system
  9. Sati practice
  10. Alcoholism
  11. Superstition
  12. Sanitation and cleanliness
  • Religious conflicts
  1. Beggary
  2. Juvenile delinquency

Explanation of most significant one

Religious conflicts

Religious conflicts are the most harmful social issues of today. Sometimes violence, war, conflict, etc. arises because of religious fanaticism.

Causes of Religious Conflicts

  1. Difference in beliefs: People belonging to different religions have difference in their beliefs. This difference often leads to conflict.
  2. Poor upbringing: The religious belief of a person has its root in his childhood. People learn what they see. If their ancestors were intolerant towards other religions, then they also do the same thing. Human beings themselves create religious violence.
  3. Lack of education: Illiterate people can be easily mis-guided by people who want to spread violence in the name of religion.
  4. The mindset of some people who think other religions as small often leads to communal conflict. These people try to dominate over people of other religion.

Negative effects: Sometimes conflicts between communities leads to violence and crimes. People become fearful and it affects the overall progress of the country. The lack of communal harmony in society leads to disunity.

Solutions of Religious Belifs

  • The solution for religious violence is in the hands of the people only. People should gain proper knowledge and develop better understanding.
  • By removing the thoughts of cruelty, one can correctly judge what’s right or wrong. Awareness must be created and for this media will be very useful.

Dowry system

Introduction: Dowry is one of the most evil practices that are prevalent in the Indian society. Dowry system is actually the transfer of money, property and other valuable assets of bride’s family to the groom’s family on the eve of marriage.

Solution of Dowry System: 

  • The solution to stop the practice of this evil system is in our hands only.
  • People should stop discrimination between a boy and a girl.
  • Girls should also be allowed to have their education and proper knowledge.
  • Awareness must be created and for these people with the help of media.
  • Last, but not the least, parents should change the thoughts of dowry from their mind and children should stand against their family for doing this.

Superstition Issue

  • Superstition refers to the irrational beliefs of supernatural forces. Superstition is one of the major social issues affecting the entire country.
  • It’s a belief of human beings that there are some supernatural causes behind the bad events. Science doesn’t believe in this type of supernatural causality because science always tries to give scientific explanation for every event. But, deep down inside human beings have their own belief.
  • There are many superstitions prevailing in the country. Human beings have the tendency to believe bad before the good

Removing Superstition issues

  • The main solution is to get knowledge and education because knowing nothing causes fear in mind which ultimately arise superstition.
  • By adjusting or gaining knowledge, mind can develop the reason behind the occurrence of superstition and one can understand very well that these things doesn’t affect anybody’s life.
  • Also by being always positive, one can get rid of those superstitions.

Juvenile delinquency

  • Juvenile delinquency is also termed as Teenage Crime.
  • Basically, juvenile delinquency refers to the crimes committed by minors.
  • The crimes by teenage boys or girls are generally done without having proper knowledge of it as they know very little about the world.

Solutions of Juvenile Delinquency

  • There are many organisations who deal with the problem of Juvenile delinquency. They are established to help those children who are involved in it.
  • They increase their thinking ability and decision-making skills. They start to understand the meaning of Juvenile delinquency and the results of it.
  • There are rehabilitation centres and consultancies also run by the Government who treat those children and make them a good person.

Solution of Poverty

  • Poverty can be checked by increasing job opportunities. It will decrease the rate of unemployment which ultimately results in decrease of poverty in economy.
  • Government should take more steps towards charity, trusts and have some transparency while spending money in those social institutions.
  • There is a need for initiatives of paid leave to the workers.
  • The education system should be reformed and initiatives should be taken to bring more children to schools.


Beggary is another social problem in our country. People who are in extreme situation of need and poverty are called beggars. The state of being a beggar is called beggary

Solution of Beggary

  • Government has to take large initiatives to remove the problem of beggary from the society like providing job security, recruiting more employees in the Governmental sectors and many more.
  • Beggary problem can also be in control if the children who are begging can be put in the Govt. schools for education because education is the main key to eradicate any social problem

Solution to child labour

  • Imparting education and knowledge to children.
  • If incomes of the parents can be increased then it is possible for the children’s to get education.
  • Government will have to take more steps towards proper enforcement of labour laws.
  • People who are employed and are above the poverty line should take steps towards replacing child workers with adult workers. It will benefit not only the society, but the country at large.

Solution of Low status of women

  • The empowerment of women is of utmost importance for solving the problem.
  • Awareness must be created to change the narrow mindset of the society. Campaigns must be launched to acknowledge the role and contribution of women in the society.
  • Education can also help to solve the problem of low status of women in the society.
  • Mass-media campaigns should be promoted

Solution of Child Marriage

  • Education is the only and the best way to stop child marriage. Educated people from society should raise voice against child marriage.
  • Gender equality and women education is very important to stop the evil practice of child marriage. The girls become extremely dependent upon her parents because of lack of education. As such, she is not in a position to speak against the will of her parents. If a girl gets equal opportunity to get educated, then she will be in a better position to decide, what that is best for her future.
  • Government should take steps to enforce the laws on child marriage. The problem of child marriage can be solved by raising awareness about the disadvantages of child marriage


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