Daily Current events – 16.02.17





      1   World radio day – 13th February


  • UNESCO invites all radio stations and supporting organisations to join the World Radio Day 2017.World Radio Day is now in its 6th year.


  • FM broadcastingbegan on 23 July 1977 in Chennai, then Madras, and was expanded during the 1990s, nearly 50 years after it mushroomed in the US. In the summer of 1923, the Bombay Presidency Radio Club started.


  • It was taken over by the government in 1930 and became the Indian Broadcasting Service. It became All India Radio in 1936.


  • India has 245 commercial radio stations spread across 50-odd cities out of a total of 1,600 cities and towns in the country.



What is Community Radio


  • Community radiois a radio service offering a third model of radio broadcasting in addition to commercial and public broadcasting.


  • Community stations serve geographic communities and communities of interest.



  • They broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local, specific audience but is often overlooked by commercial or mass-media broadcasters.


  • There are 191 Community Radio function in India


Radio Technology –


  • Radio works on FM (Frequency Modulation) as well as on AM (Amplitude Modulation).


  • AM Radio ranges from 535 to 1705 kilohertz, whereas FM radio ranges in a higher spectrum from 88 to 108 megahertz. For AM radio, stations are possible every 10 kHz and FM stations are possible every 200 kHz. FM Radio is better than AM Radio in term of Sound Quality.


  • FM radio becamepopular in the 1970s and early 80s. By the 1990s most music stations switched from AM and adopted FM due to better sound quality.


  1. Sportsman of The Year- Usain Bolt.


  • World’s “greatest” sprinter Usain Bolt pipped the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James to win the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ trophy for a fourth time.


  • Simone Biles clinched the ‘Sportswoman of the Year’.


  • Michael Phelps bagged the ‘Comeback of the Year’ award.


  1.   Germany’s parliamentary assembly has elected Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a Social Democrat,             as the country’s 12th president.





  1.    11th International Aero India 2017 begins


  • 11th biennial edition of International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition at Air Force Station, Yelahanka in Bengaluru.


  • This edition of Aero India, for the first time, combines the defence and civil aviation segments into a holistic event with the co involvement of the defence and civil aviation ministries in the event.


  1.  International coin fair held in Thiruvananthapuram.


  • More than 2,500 coins from around 500 regions, including those from the time of empires and princely states, were on display at an international coin fair which was organised in Thiruvananthapuram from February 13 to 15.


  • The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) organised the event.


  • The three-day event featured the collections of Justin Gilbert Lopez, who holds a Guinness world record for the largest coin collection.



  1.  UNESCO Natural Heritage Festival at Himachal Pradesh.


  • The 2017 UNESCO Natural Heritage Festival was held at Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) in Sairopa, Himachal Pradesh from February 11th to 12th.


  • The fest was held in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India (WII).


  • Great Himalayan National Park was given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2014.





  1.  Rajasthan to get first ornamental fish breeding center.


  • Rajasthan will soon have the country’s first centre of excellence for breeding ornamental fishes at Bisalpur in Tonk district, slated to be operational from July


  • It will breed nearly 70-75 species of the ornamental fishes including live bearers and egg layers.


  1.  Rajasthan make 1stDigital village-Goner.


  • The first digital village of Rajasthan will be Goner near Jaipur.


  • 2 crore will be spent for this.


  • The facilities include Wifi spot at schools and public places, digital class rooms, Interactive kiosk at panchayats, Remot expert for government services, CCTV surveillance Digital health care at PHC , Video conferencing and digital display board at sarpanch office.


  1.   Rajastha to Start separate Board Exams for 5th


  • Class five examinations in Rajasthan will now be conducted by a separate board starting this year, state education minister Vasudev Devnani has said.


  • The examinations will start from March 30. As is the case with the Class 10 boards exams, the questions papers for all class five students will be the same


  • If a student does not clear the exam, he/ she will got one more chance after a month. Clearing the examination is compulsory for advancing to the next class, Students are not failed up to fifth class at present.


  • To increase in quality in education in rural areas, the state government has decided to appoint a Panchayat Extension Officer in every Gram Panchayat from the next session starting June 17.


  • There are more than 9,800 gram panchayats in the state. At present, only one Block Education Officer is working in every Panchayat Samiti.


  • The education department has proposed to government for establishing a State Council of Education, Research & Training (SCERT) that will function similar to the NCERT.


  • The student uniforms will be changed in all government schools of the state from the new session.


  • A new Education Law 2017 has also been proposed to the government.


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