Daily Current Events – 14.02.17



  1. India’s first floating elementary school inaugurated on Manipur’s Loktak Lake.


  • Loktak lake, the largest freshwater lake in the country, has now become home to first of its kind loktak floating elementary school.


  • The lake is also an Important Bird Area as it’s a potential breeding site for waterfowl and is a staging site for migratory birds.


  • Keibel lamjao is the only floating National park in the world floats over it.


Some  important facts about lakes – 


A lake is an area of variable size filled with water, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land, apart from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake.


  • World’s 60% lakes are in Canada.


  • Finland is known as The land of thousand lakes.


  • The US State of Minneosta is known as the land of ten thousand lakes.


  • Baikal lake (Russia) – World’s deepest lake.


  • Dead Sea (Middle east) –World’s lowest lake. 2500 ft below the sea level.


  • Lake Horun has the longest lake coastline in the world.


  • Caspian lake (Russia) – Largest lake of the world also largest salt lake of the world.
  • Kolleru lake (Andra Pradesh) – Largest lake of India. Located between Krishna and Godavari Delta.


  • Wular Lake – Largest fresh water lake in India and It is fed by Jhelum river.



  • Chilka Lake (Orissa) – Largest coastal lagoon of India and second largest lagoon of world.


  • Dal Lake (J & K) – It is called as Jwell in the crown of Kashmir. Asia’s Largest Tulip garden.


  • Sambhar Lake(Rajasthan) – India’s largest inland salt lake.   Mahabharta mentions that it was part of kingdom of Demon king Brishparva.


  • Nakki Lake (Rajasthan) – Located at Aravali range at Mt Abu.   Mahatama Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in this Holy lake on 12th feburary 1948 and Gandhi Ghat was constructed.












  1. Antra and Disha programmes will be implemented on major basis to stop Conceive to control population.


  • The facility of 4 dose of Antra injection will be given, after this injection there is no requirement to use any other vaccine or medicine to stop Conceive till one year.


  • Antra’ injection is defined as Injectable Contraceptive and ‘Chaya’ is defined as Weekly Tablet Centchroman. ‘


  1. Mukhya mantri Free Coaching Scheme is Launched in Rajasthan.


  • The State government of Rajasthan has decide to launch an ambitious scheme to provide free coaching to more than 1000 students . For that govt will spend Rs. 60,000 in every year to provide free coaching.
  • To take benefit of this scheme, SC/ST students have passed in 10th along with 60% minimum marks while another category’s students need to 70% minimum marks.
  • The selected institute will have contract for two years with government.
  • 500-500 students of all Sections will be selected yearly in Jaipur and Kota.
  • 30% reservation for the girls and if not sufficient Girls than will be filled by Boy students.
  • For selected coaching institute maximum 60,000 rupees will be issued for 1st year and yearly increment applicable after one year.
  • This Coaching facility will be available for entrance examination- Engineering, Medical etc for two years and One year for Law, Management entrance exams.


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