Quick Revision- MM Punchi Commission

MM Punchi Commission


Obj:  The mandate of the commission was to examine what could be the role, responsibility and jurisdiction of the Centre during major and prolonged outbreaks of communal violence, caste violence or any other social conflicts and to review other aspects of Centre-states relations, including taxes and linking of rivers.


S.No. Content Recommendation
1. Concurrent list During legislating on concurrent list, the parliament should consult state. The consultative mechanism route is Inter state council.
2. Pocket Veto of President The reason for exercising this option shoulde be communicated to the state. Arbitrary use of pocket veto without accountability is baffling on state
3. Treaty making power The absolute power to centre in giving way to treaty by legislating shall be regulated by a proper law.
4. Appointment of CM There shall be clear guidelines for appointment of CM. Pre poll alliance shall be given priority and governor discretionary power shall be directed by written guidelines.
5. Appointment of Governor Appointed governor shall be not part of active politics for couple of years, Committee shall be involved in the appointment of governor with PM, Home Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha and CM of concerned state
6. Removal of governor Striking down of the doctrine of Pleasure, Same procedure of removal as that of President
7. Governor as chancellor The provision of making governor as chancellor shall be done away with
8. Art 355 and 356 Centre should be cautious while invoking these two articles. If problem is in a limited local area, that particular area has to be brought under president rule. The duration shall not be more than 3 months.
9. National Integration Council For dealing of matters pertaining to Internal security, NIC shall be created.
10. Communal violence bill Demanded amendment in the bill to allow deployment of paramilitary forces without state consent in case of communal violence in an area.


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