General Studies-VI

SECTION-01 – Rational Numbers – Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers. Finding the rational number between two rational number. Ratio and Proportion – definition, properties, aterments, inuertends, componendo, etc. and their uses. Simultaneous equation, (a + b) (a + b), (a – b) (a – b), (a + b) (a – b) related quetions. Arithmetic progression – Definition, general(n th) term and sum of n terms, arthmetic mean. Commercial Mathematics – Banking, calculation of interest on/in savings account, fixed deposit account and recurring deposit account. Calculation of income tax (for salaried person and excluding house rent allowance). Factorization, LCM and HCM.

Section 2- Coordinate Geometry: Distance between two points,proportional division of a line (section formula), area of triangle, condition of co-linearity of three points. Trigonometry – Measure of angles in the sexagesimal. contesimal and circular systems, relation between arc, radius and central angle. Proof of the trigonometrical ratios of complementary angles – sin(90° – é) = cos é, cos(90° – é) = sin é, tan(90° – é) = cot é, cot(90° – é) = tan é, sec(90° – é) = cosec é, cosec(90° – é) = sec é and related questions. Mensuration – Surface area and volume of prism, cylinder, cone and sphere. Similar triangles, circls and geometrical consitructions.

Section 3 – Computer Binary digit system, change in binary number to decimal number and decimal number to binary number. Algorithm method – meaning and quality, indefinate, definate, input and output, effectiveness. Averages – arithmatic, geomatric and harmonic meance, median, mode, pie-chart. Probability. Vedic Mathematic, additional, subtraction, multiplication, devision and checking the answer – square, square roots, cube roots, vinculam and its application, the application of vedic mathematics methods in algebra. Introduction and contribution of Indian Mathematition (Aryabhata, Varaha mihira, Brahma gupta, Bhaskaracharya, Shrinivas Ramanujan).

Section 4 – Data Analysis – Mathematical operation Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude etc.), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc.) and analysis of data. Applied mathematics – Profit and Loss, Percentage, Interest and averages. Time, speed, distance, river and boat.

Section 5 – Logical Resonant – Analog Test, Odd word, Odd pair of words, Coding & Decoding Test, Relation Test, Alphabet Test, Mathematical Operations, Logical analysis of words, Inserting the missing number or word, Assertion and Reason, Situation reaction test, Figure series, Deletion of elements, General Mental ability

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