General Studies-V


INDIAN ECONOMICS–National and per capita income, Structural changes in the Indian Economy ( GDP and work force), Changes in the role of Public and Private Sectors and their shares in the total plan outlay of the latest plan, Economic Reforms, problems of poverty and unemployment , magnitude and measures initiative to ameliorate them, Monetary Policy structure of Indian Banking and non-banking financial institutions and reforms in them since 1990s. Regulation of Credit by RBI. Pattern of Revenue, Expenditure, Public Debt, fiscal deficit and effects on the Economy.


PLANNING IN INDIA–Indian PlanningObjectives , Priorities, Planning Commission and its functions. Specific objectives of the latest Five Year Plan, evaluation and problems. Bharat Nirman Yojna, MNREGA, Procedure in financial matters in Constitution of India, Financial relation between Union and States, Comptroller & Auditor-General of India.


GEOGRAPHY OF CHHATTISGARH– Physical features, location & extent, Physical Divisions and Drainage System, Climate , soil types, Vegetation and their importance, flora and fauna. Human Features Population Growth, Density and Distribution. Infant and Maternal Mortality rate etc.


ECONOMICS OF CHHATTISGARH– Demographic features and social backwardness of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward classes and Minorities. Literacy and occupation structure, changes in the sectoral distribution of income and employment. Socio, Political and Economic empowerment of Women. Child Labour problem. Rural Development, State Finance and Budgetary policy- Tax structure, Sharing Central Taxes, Expenditure pattern in Revenue and Capital Account as well as plan and non-plan expenditure. Public Debt composition- Internal and External Debt including World Bank loans, Institutional and noninstitutional sources of Rural Credit in Chhattisgarh. Structure and growth of Co-operatives and their shares in total credit adequacy and problems.


AGRICULTURE, FOREST, INDUSTRY AND NATURAL RESOURCE OF CHHATTISGARH–Agriculture and Forest in Chhattisgarh, Structure of Agriculture output. Administered prices including minimum support and procurement prices. Public Distribution System in Chhattisgarh. Cropping pattern, means of irrigation and their importance, Modernization of agriculture, agricultural problems and planning, Growth and Structure of Industries in Chhattisgarh- large, medium, small and tiny sectors. their comparison, growth, weaknesses and problems, Natural Resources, Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Thermal and Hydel Electricity Projects, Solar Energy, Forest and Mineral based Industries in Chhattisgarh.

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