General Studies Paper-IV- RAS/RTS Mains Updated Syllabus

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Part A- Grammar & Usage (20 Marks)
 Correction of Sentences: 10 sentences for correction with errors related to: Articles & Determiners
 Prepositions
 Tenses & Sequence of Tenses
 Modals
 Voice- Active & Passive
 Narration- Direct & Indirect
 Synonyms & Antonyms
 Phrasal Verbs & Idioms
 One Word Substitute
 Words often Confused or Misused
Part B- Comprehension, Translation & Precis Writing (30 Marks)
 Comprehension of an Unseen Passage (250 Words approximately) 05 Questions based on the passage. Question No. 05 should preferably be on vocabulary.
 Translation of five sentences from Hindi to English.
 Precis Writing (a short passage of approximately 150-200 words)
Part C- Composition & Letter Writing (30 Marks)
 Paragraph Writing 01 paragraph out of 03 given topics (approximately 200 words) – Any
 Elaboration of a given theme (Any 1 out of 3, approximately 150 words)
 Letter Writing or Report Writing (approximately 150 words)

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