DMPQ:What are the possible reasons for India’s Poor share in world trade?

India’s export performance is poor. Over the years, since Independence, India’s share of the world export trade has been very low. The share of export of other developing countries of Asia, namely China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand is much more than of India.
There are several reasons for poor performance of India’s export trade. The reasons or causes can be broadly divided into two groups, as shown below :


  1. Exporter-Related Problems


  • Poor Quality
  • High Prices
  • Inadequate Promotion
  • Poor Follow-up of Sales
  • Poor Negotiation Skills
  1. General Causes


  • Poor Infrastructure
  • Presence of Good Domestic Market
  • Documentation and Formalities
  • Negative Attitude of Overseas Buyer
  • Problem of Trading Blocs
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