DPPQ- 22-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

  1. Which of the following is used in pencils
  2. For the first time Indian Legislature was made Bi-cameral under
  3. India s rank in the Global Peace Index released by the Institute for Economics and Peace IEP on June 2019 was st st
  4. What is India s rank in the 2017 world economic forum s Global Gender Gap Index
  5. Penicillin was discovered by
  6. The biggest economy in the world in terms of GDP purchasing power parity is
  7. Another word for CPU is
  8. Khilafat movement of the Muslims in India was led by-
  9. What is the full form of NITI Aayog
  10. Which is the correct sequence of expert group on poverty estimation constituted by Planning Commission in India
  11. Who is the Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission of India
  12. The Montagu-Chelmford Report formed the basis of
  13. Who has been elected as the President of Sri Lanka in the 2019 elections
  14. Which Article of the constitution envisages free and compulsory education for children upto the age of 14 years
  15. World highest paid Sportsman of 2021 is
  16. Land of White Elephant is the surname assigned to
  17. Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as
  18. In the Global Gender Gap Report 2021 released by the World Economic Forum out of 156 countries the rank of India is –
  19. India s first Mega Aqua Food Park was commissioned recently in which state
  20. According to the National Education Policy 2020 by how much percent the Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education is to be raised by 2035
  21. India s second mission to the moon is named as
  22. The world s first-ever female foreign ministers meeting was hosted by-
  23. Three annual plan were launched between
  24. Who is generally known as the father of Indian nuclear science
  25. Vivekenanda founded Ram Krishna Mission in-
  26. The unemployment rate given by the NSSO for the FY18 is
  27. Contribution to which field is honoured by the Kalinga awards
  28. Forbidden city is located at which place
  29. Who said this in attacking exclusive privileges on the English East India Company- Such exclusive companies therefore are nuisances in many respect…and destructive to those which have the misfortune to fall under their government
  30. The Central Government on January 2 2019 approved the merger of which three banks together
  31. At the present population growth rate in which year India is likely to takeover China as the world most populous country
  32. Which of the following have won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service
  33. The country which possesses huge reserves of mineral oil and yet imports it is
  34. Which of the following person is the current president of ICOM
  35. The most popular Desktop Publishing DTP software in Mizoram is
  36. The United States has granted Strategic Trade Authorization-1 STA-1 to ease export of high-tech items to
  37. Which date is observed as Hindi Diwas
  38. Which one of the following is recognized as one of the fathers of Internet
  39. Who is the President of the People s Republic of China
  40. Name the Prime Minister of UK who granted independence to India Pakistan Geylon and Burma in the year 194 7
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