DMPQ: Discuss the importance of animal husbandry sector with special refernce to Rajasthan? Discuss the key initiative taken by Government of Rajasthan.

Parallel to agriculture, animal husbandry is a key sector of rajasthan especially in arid and semi arid areas. It is not merely subsidiary to agriculture but a major component in Rajasthan economy. The importance of animal husbandry are:

  • It provide insurance to the farmers in the rainfed region. Especially for the semi arid and arid areas of Rajasthan.
  • It act as a source of income and provide a kind of stability and sustainable livelihood.
  • The state of Rajasthan is rich in live stock wealth. The state is endowed with finest drought hardy milch breeds (Rathi, Gir, Sahiwal and Tharparkar), dual purpose breed( kankrej and Haryana) and the famous drought breeds of nagori and malvi.
  • The state contributes 12.73% of total milk production and 32.89 % of wool production to the nation total production.

Government of Rajasthan is also aware of the importance of this sector and hence it is giving thrust to the sector by taking following measures:

  • Efforts of the Animal Husbandry Department are focused on increasing the out stretch through creation of institutions and infrastructure to provide an integrated package of services for efficient health care and genetic improvement of livestock along with awareness building programmes to ensure better participation of the livestock owners.
  • Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojna’ is being implemented in the State for the welfare of livestock breeders. Under this insurance scheme, 70 per cent subsidy on premium of cattle insurance for SC/ST/BPL livestock breeders and 50 per cent subsidy on premium of cattle insurance for general livestock breeders is provided.
  • Avika kavach Bima Yojna’ is being implemented in the State for the welfare of sheep breeders.
  • Breed improvement programme has also been strengthened. Breeding services are being improved through extension of private integrated livestock development centres.
  • Under the mandate of Foot and Mouth Diseases (FMD), free Rajasthan FMD-CP is being implemented in the State with the assistance of Government of India.
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