What is Geothermal energy and how it is being used? 4 marks 2010

Geothermal energy is energy in the form of sensible heat that originates within the earth’s crust and makes its way to the surface by conduction. Heat may be conducted upward through solid rocks or carried upward by circulating ground water that is heated at depth and makes its return to the surface. Geothermal activities are … Read more

Rajasthan : Physical regions of rajasthan

Rajasthan is devided into four main physical regions which are as follows:- 1:- Western Desert Plains 2:- Aravalli Region (part of Gondwana land) Gurushikar 1722 m 3:- Eastern Plains 4:- Hadoti Region (Black Soil)       Western Desert Plains  it has following sub regions: ghagar plains shekhawati region nagori highlands luni basin It covers … Read more

Daily current affair 15 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Citizens with disability Disability act 1955 clearly Mendes that public Roads, building and transportation should be made barrier free for person with disability. United Nations convention on the rights of person with disability 2007 recognised that basic human right and and accessibility are prerequisite. Sugamya Bharat accessible India campaign is launched by India National Building … Read more

Daily current affair 14 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Border infrastructure projects A radical new approach is now being adopted to accelerate projects to unclog the bottlenecks in border areas, along with work on hundreds of other strategic projects, as the Narendra Modi government sharpens focus on creating infrastructure along India’s borders. From the Bharat Mala project (it envisages a road network along India’s land boundary, stretching from … Read more

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