Formation of Andhra Pradesh, 1956

At the time of independence in 1947, India consisted of 571 disjointed princely states that were merged together to form 27 states. The grouping of states at the time was done on the basis of political and historical considerations rather than on linguistic or cultural divisions, but this was a temporary arrangement. On account of … Read more

Go-36- Domicile of Telangana

The Government of Andhra Pradesh reviewed the operation of the domiciliary rules in 1968 and found that in regard to certain categories of posts, to which recruitment was by competitive examination, the proportion of successful candidates able to meet residency qualifications would be low if the examination was to be a combined one open to … Read more

Telangana Praja Samithi (TPS)

Telangana Praja Samithi (TPS) or Telangana Peoples convention was an Indian Political Party, which fought for separate statehood for Telangana. TPS was founded in 1969. The founder president was Ananthula Madan Mohan. TPS orgarnized a series of strikes and demonstrations throughout the Telangana region to push their demands for a separate state. The founding president … Read more

Demand for Employment of Local people

As early as 1952, people of Hyderabad had revolted against alien rule. Six students laid down their lives in the anti-non-Mulki agitation. This agitation too was betrayed as also the 1956 agitation against the merger of Telangana with the Andhra State. The policy of intervention began in 1868 when the traditional ruler of Hyderabad State … Read more

City College Incident-Its importance

The urban middle class and aspiring entrants into it expressed the strongest doubts about Telangana’s future in a united Andhra state. They were especially apprehensive about the effect on the middle classes of largescale in-migration of Andhra cultivators, students, lawyers, and unemployed youth in the event of a merger with Andhra. The aggressive, mobile people … Read more

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