Tribes history, geographical location,economy and their customs for Ras Prelims and Ras Mains

Name Geographical location and populations History and lineage Economic activity Social and Family life   MEENA Constitute about 51.20% of population and concentrated in districts of Jaipur,Dausa,Sawai Madhopur,Rajsamand and Udaipur   Word meena means fish, Chandrabhardai states their origin to the kingdom south of alwar,dausa and bharatpur prior to Rajput rule They are divided into … Read more

Rajasthan : Physical regions of rajasthan

Rajasthan is devided into four main physical regions which are as follows:- 1:- Western Desert Plains 2:- Aravalli Region (part of Gondwana land) Gurushikar 1722 m 3:- Eastern Plains 4:- Hadoti Region (Black Soil)       Western Desert Plains  it has following sub regions: ghagar plains shekhawati region nagori highlands luni basin It covers … Read more

Rajasthan : Geological Structure

Geologically Rajasthan comprises rocks from oldest Archean rocks to recent alluvium formations . The oldest formations are known as Banded Gneissic Complex exposed in central and southern Rajasthan. The Aravalli hill range dividing the State diagonally is made up of precambrian rocks of Aravalli and Delhi Super group comprising the metamorphosed gneisses, schists, marble, quartzite, … Read more

Rajasthan : An introduction

According to 2011 Census final Report population of Rajasthan is 6,85,48,437 (ie 6.85 Crore) and is 8th in the country based on population. North to south- 23.03 N TO 30.12N West to east- 69.30 E To 78.17 E Tropic of cancer passes through Southern part through the Banswarda and dungpur districts   State boundry is … Read more

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