28 September -daily current affairs -The Hindu and Indian Express

Digital India

  1. Multinational companies such as Google apple Microsoft Qualcomm will play a major role in the digital India and will reduce the digital divide in the country.
  2. Google will set up WiFi stations and will push for typing in 10 different indic language including Gujarati
  3. Apple will push forward in setting up manufacturing base in India
  4. Microsoft will provide broadband to villages along with facilities of cloud computing
  5. Qualcomm will support to start ups

India and Myanmar

Share an unfenced border of 1643 kilometre adjoining arunanchal pradesh Nagaland Manipur and Mizoram and perimeter free movement up to 16 kilometre across the border.

Operation Chammal

France launched operation Chammal against the Islamic state group in Syria

Developing disaster proof cities

Recent report of World Bank on Urbanization in South Asia States for recommendations for reducing the risk due to high and growing population density in urban areas which are as follows:-

  1. Identifying risk by using urban risk assessment framework
  2. Mitigate risk by planning critical and multipurpose safe resilient infrastructure
  3. Developer risk financing scheme to provide immediate liquidity in the aftermath of disaster and to build financial resilience
  4. Build a strong Institutions and collect, share and distribute disaster data


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