Archaeological sites in telangana

Archaeological sites in telangana

Archaeological Sites in Telangana deals with the ancient and medieval monuments and relics built during the time of Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, and Cholas and Kakatiya Dynastical regime. Later the Mughal and the Qutub Sahi Dynasty rose into power that added more archaeological sites, which are now tourist’s attractions.

Khilla Ghanpur

Khilla Ghanpur is a historical place located at an equal distance,25 kilometers, from Mahabubnagar and Wanaparthy towns of Telangana state, India. It is 111 kilometers away from Hyderabad city.

Khilla Ghanpur or Ghanpur, Wanaparthy district was ruled by Recherla Padmanayaka, Malyala and Gona dynasties in 13th century. Recherla Padmanayaka, Gona and Malyala dynasty kings were the Feudatores of Kakatiya Kings. Khilla Ghanpur has a fort and a lake (known as Ganapa Samudram) built during Kakatiya dynasty rule. The lake, Ganapa Samudram, was constructed by the King Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu (also known as Malyala Gundanna) during Rudrama Devi’s rule. Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu married Gona Budda Reddy’s daughter.

Gona kings and Malyala kings were loyal to Kakatiya kings. Gona Budda Reddy had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Gona Ganapa Reddy( also known as Gona Ganna Reddy), Gona Kacha Reddy, Gona Vitalanatha and Kuppambika. Kacha Reddy and Vitalanatha Reddy were poets, who penned to complete the Ranganatha Ramayanam started by their father, Gona Budda Reddy.( Ranganatha Ramayanam was the first Telugu Ramayanam written in Telugu literature by Gona Budda Reddy.This is written in Dwipada Chandassu). Gona Budda Reddy’s daughter got married to Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu.


Golconda which is also known as Golkonda or Golla konda means the shepherd’s hill. Golconda is famous for its medieval fort and diamonds. Golconda is now a ruined fort of Southern India and capital of medieval Golconda Sultanate (1518-1687). Golconda Fort is situated 11 km west of Hyderabad. Golconda is also a mandal of Hyderabad District of Telangana. The region is universally famous for the mines that have produced the world’s most famous and coveted gems, including the Hope Diamond, The Eye of the Idol, which is also known as the Nassak Diamond.

Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple is a historic ancient Hindu temple located in the town of Hanamakonda of Telangana State. Thousand Pillar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Mahadeva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya. Thousand Pillar Temple is one of the very old temples of South India that was built by the glorious Kakatiya rulers. It stands out to be a masterpiece and achieved major heights in terms of architectural skills by the ancient Kakathiya Vishwakarma Sthapathis. It is believed that the Thousand Pillar Temple was built by King Rudra Deva in 1163 AD. Thousand Pillar Temple is a specimen of the Kakatiyan style of architecture of the 12th century AD. Thousand Pillar Temple was destroyed by the Tughlaq dynasty during their invasion of South India. It consists of one temple and other building. There are one thousand pillars in the building and the temple, but no pillar obstructs a person in any point of the temple to see the God in the other temple. The present day engineers have taken out all the pillars from the building. After they lifted all the pillars they encountered a huge mass of sand. It took nearly two weeks for them to take away all the sand. It was wet sand, because of a pipe connection from the nearby water body named Bhadrakali Cheruvu.


Warangal which was also known as Orugallu and Ekasila Nagaram is an ancient city and district headquarters of Warangal district in Indian state of Telangana. Warangal is located 148 kilometres northeast of the state capital of Hyderabad and is the administrative headquarters of Warangal District. Warangal area is a combination of Warangal, Hanmakonda and Kazipet. Warangal is the second biggest city next to Hyderabad in Telangana. Warangal was the capital of Kakatiya kingdom ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty from the 12th to the 14th centuries. The Kakatiyas left many monuments, including an impressive fortress, four massive stone gateways, the Swayambhu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Ramappa temple situated near Ramappa Lake.


Phanigiri in Telangana is a Buddhist monastic complex. It is also known as Buddha Vihara. Phanigiri lies at about 125 kilometers from Hyderabad, which is now the capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for 10 years. Phanigiri, an archaeological site in Telangana is located near the National Highway No. 9. Phanigiri is measured as a Buddhist site as great as the Nagarjunakonda and Amaravathi, which are now the property of State Department of Archaeology and Museums.

Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple also known as the Ramalingeswara temple, is located 77 km from Warangal, the ancient capital of the Kakatiya dynasty, 157 km from Hyderabad in the state of Telangana in southern India. It lies in a valley at Palampet village of Venkatapur Mandal, in erstwhile Mulug Taluq of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district, a tiny village long past its days of glory in the 13th and 14th centuries. An inscription in the temple dates it to the year 1213 AD and says it was built by a General Recherla Rudra, during the period of the Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva.

Gandhari khilla

Gandhari Khilla (Gandhari Kota) is a hill fort located near Bokkalagutta, in Mandamarri Mandal in Mancherial district in the south Indian state of Telangana. It is located on the sand rock hills. It is 270 kilometres (157 mi) north east of the state capital, Hyderabad. The fort was built within a thickly forested area which has a wealth of plant species which includes many medicinal herbs. The fort has not been fully excavated and is still partially covered by forest. Mahankali Jatara (quarry jatara) is conducted every year which attracts more than 10,000 people. Gandhari maisamma jatra is done in the temple on the fort of Gandhari for every 2 years and tribal people from Vindhya region i.e maharastra, Chattisghad on the other bankside joins it. The Mancherial – Bellampalli highway passes close to the fort, which is 3 kilometres away from the Bokkalaguttta village.  Gandhari Maisamma temple is located at the fort.

Mudumal village

In a significant discovery, historians and archeologists have found what they describe as the only megalithic site in India, where a depiction of star constellation has been identified. The site was discovered in Mudumal village in Telangana and is estimated to date back to 5000 BC.

No other site in India has so many menhirs concentrated at one place, claim the historians and archeologists who also believe that this is “undoubtedly the earliest astronomical observatory found in India or even south Asia”.

Thogarrai (Nalgonda)

A prolific factory-site was discovered over one of the hills at Thogarrai near the source of a dolerite dyke. Large number of axes were collected from the spot in various stages of manufacture.  The tools collected from the factory site at Thogarrai appear to  have been manufactured in an Acheulian factory site.

All the tools have been made out of dolerite and the author collected many a tool which are in their final stage of manufacture. The trap rock from which the tools were made is found in small handy nodules.


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