DMPQ: PPP is the need of the hour. Discuss the advantage attached with it? Give some example of PPP project in Rajasthan.

Rapid economic growth, growing urban population, increasing rural-urban migration, and all-round social and economic development have compounded the pressure on the existing infrastructure, and increased the demand–supply gap in most of the States. The Governments are experiencing increasing pressure from their citizens, civil society organizations, and the media to provide accessible and affordable infrastructure and basic services. Government is unable to meet the demands hence private sector participation is must.



PPP model is solution to above problem. The advantage attached with it are numerous:

  • It has a huge potential to bridge infrastructure gap
  • PPP also offers efficiency gains and return on investment increases.
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Modern and state of art technology
  • Project designing with operational efficiency
  • Faster implementation, reduced lifecycle costs and optimal risk allocation
  • Low logistics cost, enhance competitiveness


The PPP Cell created under the Planning Department in the year 2007-08, is the State Nodal agency to coordinate efforts of the State Government regarding projects entailing Public-Private Participation. It serves as the repository of all the information relating

to PPP in the State including best practices, guidelines, schemes etc.


Example of PPP project are:

  • Ring road project, jaipur
  • International convention centre at Mansarovar
  • Jaipur street lighting system project
  • Jaipur metro rail project phase-II
  • Development of solar power park projects
  • Run-a PHC and attached subcentre



The Government of Rajasthan recognizes that theprivate sector can play a pivotal role in infrastructuredevelopment. PPP is evidently emerging as thepreferred route to leverage private capital as well as toinduct private sector. A closer partnership between thepublic and private sectors can support sustainabledevelopment, reduce poverty, and ultimately fostergreater prosperity.


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