DMPQ-“Artificial Intelligence has some promising potential to solve world’s problems, but it also has potaential perils”. Discuss.

Historically, Technology competition has been a main aspect of geopolitics. In this day and age, it can be increasingly reflected in geopolitical battles between the US and China. One such technological competition can be easily witnessed in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent or to make them think like humans.

AI has emerged as one technology of particular importance because of its role as an accelerator, its versatility, and its wide applicability. However, AI can also be used for a host of undesirable purposes — generating misinformation, criminal activity, and encroaching upon personal privacy or inducing technological unemployment. Therefore, as the global community seeks to leverage the promises of AI, they should also confront similar challenges when it comes to the development and deployment of AI and develop a human-centric approach to AI.

Perils Associated With AI

Promoting Prejudices and Inequalities

It shouldn’t be forgotten that AI systems are created by humans, who can be biased and judgemental. Thus, AI can promote prejudices and inequalities, if initial training of the AI algorithms are biased. €For example, it can lead to AI facial recognition and surveillance technology to discriminate against people of color and minorities.

 Comprising Privacy

AI systems learn by analyzing huge volumes of data and they keep adapting through continuous modelling of interaction data and user feedback. Thus, with the increasing use of AI, the right to privacy can be under threat due to unauthorized access to one’s activity data.

Disproportionate Power and Control

Technology giants are investing heavily in regard to artificial intelligence, both at the scientific/engineering and also at the commercial and product development level.  These big players have an unmatched advantage when compared to any ambitious competitor out there which is a symptom of data-oligarchic society.

Technological Unemployment

AI companies are building intelligent machines that perform tasks typically carried out by low-income workers.


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